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And partly it's the boots but mostly it's my chi.

(You know, taken out of context I must seem so strange.)

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Kiwi Crocus
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Kiwi. 20-something. Stateside Atlantic Sea Monster. White. (Multi-)Fandomer. Voracious book butterfly. Gendery-bendery queery-cheery sort of lark (any pronouns). Laydee-lovin' laydee(bird) femslasher. Old Lady Smut Brigader (OLSB!). Writer-ish-person by hobby. Teacher-esque by trade. Hairy hippie. Dapper, dandy, occasional drag all delightful. Inclusive equality now. Consent in the sheets; dissent in the streets!


Once upon a time there was a little person named Kiwi. Ze was a person with strange waking and sleeping dreams. Ze often lived zir life in a state of such dreams: rainbows, unicorns, laughter, smiles, song and nature.

These days Kiwi is a ukulele-playing student of the Universe. Ze is made of carbon and stardust; zir stardust salutes yours.

[. Who? .]
I'm Kiwi. I have a quirky sense of humour. “Quirky” as an adjective is fitting for just about all of me.

♥ Books. ♥ Rainbow / colour. ♥ Ukulele / music. ♥ Laughing. ♥ Rain. ♥ Art / writing / creativity. ♥ Love. ♥ Cuddles. ♥ Smiles. ♥ Words. ♥ Equality / love / peace. ♥ Rowe / hippies. ♥ England / New England. ♥ Anime / films / television. ♥ Harold & Maude. ♥

[. What? .]
Kiwi. 20-something years young; 87 to any inquiring kidling. Ex-student but forever student of the universe. Studied Ecology and Conservation. Female-bodied, genderfree or genderfull mind. Unitarian Universalist; Buddhist; Pagan; Quaker; Zen; lover of the earth, moon and stars. Gay and very out. Very liberal. Fandomer: Tamora Pierce’s Circle of Magic; Harry Potter; The Worst Witch occasionally others.

[. Where? .]
I hail from Massachusetts--I‘m a Masshole. I holiday in Maine and Virginia. I‘m a born and raised New Englander; I love it here.

I went to university in Reading, England, about a half hour from London. I loved it there too. I graduated in 2011.

[. Extra! .]
My journal for writing, art and whatever else is kiwi_calamus. I go through phases of updating it in bulk when I have time, usually. Feel free to add and comment away!

My (new) journal for my various adventures into reading (physical books, ebooks, audiobooks, fanfiction, whatever!) is kikiweeki, which is a silly name that I very much enjoy.

[. AIM .] - Carbon KIWI
[. MSN .] - serenity_oak@hotmail.com
[. Skype .] - carbon.kiwi
[. Gmail and email .] - serenity.oak@gmail.com
[. Yahoo .] - serenity_oak@yahoo.com

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