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I have survived thus far!

To quote my tumblr post:

This is the most flattering picture of me that has ever existed. Why? Because I have gauze sticking out of my mouth. (Ahaha I am so sick of the gauze.)

The teddy bear is currently nameless. He's the rainbow gay!bear when-fandom-strikes won for me at a carnival because ze is the most charming mate-date around.

I am drugged and chatting at Kiwi's Keep if you want to come join me! Just faffing about on tumblr and occasionally reading Dykes to Watch Out For.

So that's Kiwi's Keep if you want to join me!

You are also welcome to join me. (: Not that you'd ever expect sense from me anyway, but especially don't expect it from me today. Not when I've got a rainbow gaybear strangling me with love.

He's decided to be useful and cover up my gauze problem for some real proof that I'm fine:

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It was dentist day. For five years since my last appointment, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Still deserves A Kiwi Face though.

Mostly because I apparently have a very small mouth and that doesn't work very well when getting X-rays of teeth. My mouth has never been so unpleasantly full. Evil devices.

Appointment included a cleaning. I wasn't expecting that since the website mentioned first meetings are just for check-ups and all. It was a pleasant surprise.

Have to get my wisdom teeth out; I've known that since I was 17 but was busy getting my hip replaced instead. Dentist isn't pushing for extraction of my Big Cavity molar, but instead some pretty big fix-'er-up measures. Right now I'm down for an appointment on April 8th but I put myself down for the 'call in case of cancellations' list.

Came home to play Dungeons & Dragons. Turned into a dragon, used my breath to turn four Storm Giants into stone--pretty frakkin' awesome.

Knackered now. Been too long since I've been around these parts. Night!

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Voyager Season 4 Running Commentary

The end of Season 4 of Voyager caught me by surprise; I might not have noticed I'd entered Season 5 if I hadn't turned to the corner of my screen in time. I'm in-between a few big tasks at the moment and thought it was as good a time as any to dump my thoughts from much of Season 4 here, again mostly for queen_of_snapes. Since I sadly can't watch it with you in person, this is the closest I can get--for now! (Trust that the next time we see each other in person we'll be coming up with a list of the episodes we should watch together. You're welcome to join us, kellychambliss!)

Of course I didn't think to start adding episode titles at the beginning of each new piece of commentary until halfway through. Ah well.

I've also learned that tumblr is a treasure cove of fun Voyager things to explore. I picked an image based on my most recent thoughts...

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Snow day! Woke in my own time, bit past 12.30. Glad I can still manage sleeping past noon when I set my mind to it. (;

Lounged around in bed reading for around four hours (no pants are the best pants). Did a rotation with all my books, reading a section of each with an extra section of my 'active' book (The Absolutist, for book club) in-between. For those curious: Tipping the Velvet, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (read gender-bent), The Ethical Slut, My Name Is Red (previous book club book I failed to finish), Youth Ministry Advising and The Highly Sensitive Person. Getting to just sit and read felt wonderful, as it always does.

4 hours, in the grand scheme of things, is not actually that much time from a week. I wonder if I can convince myself to dedicate the time from one free leisure day a week, or at least split it into 2 hours over 2 days or even 4 hours over 4 days.

Took my sweet time in everything. I think I expected that, though; yesterday I was super productive. I cleaned all my surfaces and even the walls before I went to work, had my committee meeting and then stopped by Target and the gas station to do other things I needed. (Failed to inflate the tyres because the gorram sodding bork-brained machine ate my money and the attendant could do nothing about it but state that she "really should go put a sign on it or something". Damn right you should! Do it, rather than adding it to a useless list of Shoulds!)

Showered and my housemate cut 5-6 inches off my hair, which was long overdue. It was down past my butt and well along my thighs--I didn't even know it grew that long for me or that I might have the genes for it! Thought it'd have to stop at the bottom of my bum. It feels very short and manageable now despite still being at my tail-bone.

Mostly got up to stuff while watching Voyager. It seems that finally meeting Seven (aslkdjfhglaskdfhg finally meeting Seven) has put me into a craze of constant watching, whereas before I was watching slowly and savouring. I'm pleased either way.

Oh! The other day in meeting weekly summary examples came up, in regards to what had been sent to me and E earlier in the year and recently to A. I mentioned that one of the summaries that had been shared was one of N's from this year--one that included me. We discussed it and she made a comment about how far I had come along with my class, given what they were like at the beginning of the year when we tried to do a co-teaching activity too early. My class was incredibly difficult to manage then. Now we have our little blips but for the most part we do fine and we have our routine. It was wonderful to hear.

Plenty of thinky-thoughts on this slow day today. I won't subject you to them all. I've been messaging with a few people on OkCupid and will be meeting up with someone next Tuesday. Been thinking a lot about why I seem to be the sort of person who doesn't crave those kinds of relationships or doesn't seem bothered about them either way--how I wouldn't mind reading in bed with someone else for 4 hours or having them putter about with whatever they do, but I am more than perfectly content to do it all on my own and in my own company. Happy, in fact. Relieved to not have to worry about anyone's feelings or needs but my own. Perhaps unapologetically selfish? I don't know. The world I am a part of doesn't seem to mention the people like me very much; fanfic sometimes does, characters on their own with more permanence or as a set-up for future romance. Trying to remind myself that if I would immediately say "live however you want--however makes you happy" to someone else then I must say it to myself as well; somehow it's always different to say it's all right for another and to give self-permission. That's the gist of my thoughts, anyway. That and Janeway's hair/face/shoulders/towel/not-towel. (Hey, there are some people I would give up the solitude for hands-down, and she wouldn't get the boot for spilling coffee in bed, either.)

That's all from the Pipsqueak!

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This is mostly for Queenie. I was watching Voyager quite a bit during my housesitting stint recently and apparently on one of the days I felt like jotting down random thoughts through random episodes.

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Back to re-watching Boys on the Side (since tetleythesecond inadvertently gave me homework) and multitasking.

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Hoggywartyxmas Rec List

hoggywartyxmas has, sad as it is, come to a close again yet again. It has been a wonder to participate--and such fun! I enjoyed all the entries immensely. It was quite difficult, but I got my rec list down to the five I'll post here plus the one I already posted (my fantastic gift!!!). As usual, though, my real rec is to go read/look through the whole fest!

Title: Past the Port
Author: anonymous
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5500
Characters and/or Pairings: Minerva McGonagall, Horace Slughorn, Rubeus Hagrid. Various pairings mentioned, but nothing explicit.

Two things of which Minerva was very fond were propriety and Scotch. It was so rare these days, she reflected, that Scotch got a look-in.

A story about the trials of life, the joy of experience, and the importance of friendship – in which Horace soul-searches, Hagrid blushes, and Minerva surprises them both.

Warnings: Tipsy professors?
Disclaimer: These are JKR’s characters.

Author's Notes: Happy Hoggywarty, imagemiss_morland! I’ve tried to include a few of your different prompts, here: ‘McGonagall/older woman,’ ‘Someone spends Christmas alone, against their will,’ and ‘The Little Match Girl’. I hope you like the result. Big thanks also to imagetherealsnape and the Hogwarts Staff for throwing another fantastic party :-)

Oh my goodness, read this story. Amazing friendship between three long-term, upstanding friends who know each other well and yet come to know each other better through this evening that we have the privilege of witnessing. As voyeurs, we get to become secret keepers with the three of them; boy, are the secrets worth knowing. Animals and immortality; budding romance; romances of old; family history; femslash. There are so many killer lines in this story and such brilliant characterisation that it is just like watching the characters themselves. Watching them get drunk and spill the good stuff! Absolutely read this one.

Title: A Christmas Fairytale With Sex and Goats
Author: Anonymous
Rating: R
Word Count: 13,500
Characters and/or Pairings: Minerva McGonagall/Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore, and a herd of goats.
Summary: In years to come, 1984 would be remembered as the Christmas with all that snow.
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I am not JKR, and I do not own Potter. For which everyone is likely very glad.
Author's Notes: So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun... Dear recipient, I muddled up several of your prompts in a blender and added gratuitous amounts of both sex and goats. I hope you enjoy anyway.

This is a brilliant story. Fantastic characterisation for two unconventional, unabashedly strong-willed characters faced with the surprise of emotions. Albus is the conniving old bastard we know him to be. Read to find out how Minerva and Aberforth deal with him, and deal with each other. Well and truly worth the read: one-liners that will knock you dead with laughter, some real steam, plenty of snow to cool you down, and the cutest scene of affection I've seen in quite a while. I'm glad this story was as long as it was; I enjoyed every moment of it!

Title: Seen and Unseen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,000
Characters and/or Pairings: Sybill Trelawney, Minerva McGonagall, Stan Shunpike, Mundungus Fletcher, Rita Skeeter and Harry Potter
Summary: When an article about her is published in Witch Weekly, Sybill Trelawney faces some uncomfortable truths, but also makes a couple of delightful discoveries.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of JK Rowling, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: Dear Fluffyllama, I very much hope you enjoy this!

This story is fucking hilarious. Oh my goodness. We get Sybill writing in her diary (so in-character and hilarious), a character witness from Stan (ditto), a letter from Potter (heart-warming and filled with great advice), and some surprise material with Minerva McGonagall. Each character is written just-so, including from first person POV (impressive!). It furthermore contains a taste of one of my favourite femslash pairings seamlessly slipped in; the way it was done made me squee. Absolutely worth reading!

Title: Look Not at the Things
Author: Anonymous
Recipient:[personal profile]dueltastic
Rating: R
Word Count: 10,600
Characters: Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall, Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore
Summary: "To see or not to see" -- that is the question facing Severus Snape when he comes to teach at Hogwarts.
Warnings: voyeurism
Disclaimer: JKR and her lawyers may rest easy. I claim no ownership of her Potterbooks, her characters, or her billions of pieces of merchandise. Or her billions of galleons, either.
Author's Notes: at end

I was forced to leave a three-comment-long review on this story. That generally means I absolutely couldn't tear myself away from a piece and that it is utterly wonderful. Indeed, this one is. We see Severus, young and at his grumpiest and most bitter, with a renewed and new-found curiosity for his old spinster teacher-turned-colleague. This story is hot, hilarious, and hedonistic in the most wonderful of ways. All characters involved are perfectly characterised and ever so sharp. One does not wish for the story to end, and yet it does so at the perfect time. Truly a glorious tale, yet again, from a Mystery Author friend.

Title: A Midwinter Night's Revel
Author: Anonymous
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 500
Characters and Pairings: Aberforth Dumbledore, Filius Flitwick, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Pomona Sprout (Aberforth/Minerva, and some drunken comradely shenanigans between Filius and Pomona)
Summary: A phenomenon of weather strikes during a meeting of the heads of house, and all four (along with Aberforth) are snowed in overnight at the Hog's Head.
Warnings: Poetry
Disclaimer: All characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and associates. I have merely borrowed them for some light literary torture.
Author's Notes: Happy holidays, Kelly! Thank you for the excellent prompts. I hope a little verse is welcome, or at the very least forgivable.

Oh my goodness, READ THIS POEM! It is incredibly well-done and also hilarious. It stars some of my very favourite characters and one of my favourite settings: Hogsmeade. It contains drunken debauchery and sexy shenanigans, all while keeping true to every character involved. In 500 words we see a brilliantly-characterised, sharp, witty, descriptive portrayal of a staff meeting gone awry due to the weather. It's perfect. Read it. Read it.

That's all for now. Trying to quickly get through a few things before sleep. (: Thank goodness for an easy Friday tomorrow!

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Catching up on my inbox, now, and two videos caught my attention. The first one made me laugh and laugh and laugh. He's got Obama's speech down all too well.

The second one delighted me. It's a teen--a new teen--talking about his education. I love the job it does of explaining why I ask questions like "What are you thinking of doing when you're an adult?" or "What are some things you'd like to do as a grown-up?" if I'm looking for vocational stuff. If I ask a child, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I am looking for their dreams and hopes; I'm not holding their answers to any pre-existing expectations. If they tell me they want to be a cloud, so be it! What makes you want to be a cloud? What is it about clouds that you'd like to have or be?

Anyway, I love talks about education, especially from those still in the midst of it, so here's one:

"Hackschooling"--I like it! In these parts we still use "unschooling" as a term for that sort of liberal, pro-explorative non-standardised education.

I would apologise for the spam but of course you can skip over anything and I'm not really sorry. ;D

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I have caught up on my regular flist for now. To celebrate, I'm going to post a story from one of my students. It was called "The Boring Story" but everyone in the class loved it and read it over and over. It's very short but it sums up a wonderful tale:

Once upon a time there was a prince who was mean and a girl told him not to be mean. Then he wasn't mean any more.

To date, it is one of my favourite stories from them. We have character growth and redemption, a strong and outspoken female lead (who may not even have been a princess!), and finish with a rather charming prince who clearly listens to those with good sense.

We laughed and laughed and laughed.

(This is also my way of reminding myself that even if they are absolute devils come this first week after break--as they may well be--I do quite adore my little rascals. Not being thrilled with the management doesn't put a stopper on that. Goodness knows the Hogwarts staff put up with worse through their time, and they boarded! *Shivers.*)

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This has taken me all too long. But. Well. Here it is.

Every year I participate in this brilliant Harry Potter festival--party, really--called hoggywartyxmas or "Hoggywarty". Partially because it takes place at Hogwarts, I'm sure, but also because (much like the fest hp_beholder) it often focuses on the less-conventionally-attractive characters (the young, stunning, green-eyed beauties), more the Hoggier and Wartier among us. (That's a witch pun. It's nearing 2 in the morning and I'm not funny; bear with me.)

My gift went up a week ago (bad Kiwi!) and oh, oh oh oh how I enjoyed it.

The 34th Amelia Bones Solstice Party

Anon. G. ~2900 words. Augusta Longbottom, Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank/Pomona Sprout, and an ensemble cast of witches (including Bathilda Bagshot, Charity Burbage, Rolanda Hooch, Mafalda Hopkirk, Gwennog Jones, Griselda Marchbanks, Minerva McGonagall, Poppy Pomfrey, Rosmerta, & Nymphadora Tonks). This year there is no invitation to Amelia Bones' Solstice party on Augusta's mantelpiece. There is no longer an Amelia to throw it. Yet she always said the party must go on, and Augusta's determined that it will.

Some of my very favourite characters and with some cute femslash (Wilhelmina/Pomona!) stitched in.

I adore, first of all, that it's Augusta who sees the hole in her social calendar (as she would) and community, which she deals with by reaching for some Ogden's to cover her grief (as she would again; lost too many, has she). I love that her response is, however hesitantly, to step up to bat and host the damn thing herself so it's not another thing to miss on top of Amelia. Not when what they most need is to come together for mourning and, more keenly, for celebrating.

There are some amazing lines in there. Some punched my gut (in a good way), some made me cry, some made me smile, some made me laugh, some made me do a bit of it all. Just the sort of thing a story dealing with death and intergenerational friendship should do.

Intergenerational friendship! Mentorship! Women gathering for networking and enjoying each other's company! Holiday party (solstice, no less)! Arguments that end well! Because spirited, strong, dynamic women!


This story was particularly touching for me given that my re-entry into Harry Potter fandom five years ago (five years, really?) was by writing two Amelia Bones fics for fests (and both for tetleythesecond, in fact). That was back when I used to misspell 'Wilhelmina', even.

And losing a dear friend of my own this year--not one who threw a party, but someone my community saw every year--meant this story was precisely the sort of thing I needed. What a wonderful gift. It's well worth the read, so please do, and please comment! ♥ My Mystery Author deserves all sorts of love for this one.

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[. Book List .]

Yoinked from tumblr; couldn't find credit.

Book List

Fanfic Batch = at least 50,000 words read, including those stories mentioned in the linked rec post (if linked).

Further reviews may be found here, as part of my Goodreads account. (I switched to using my Goodreads account for the links pretty early on, so most probably already link to my reviews there.)

Less than 52 books--and that's including the children's books I tend to read every year. I am not impressed, Kiwi, not at all. You're out of uni and haven't had a dissertation to write in two years. No excuses! Get on the writing and reading again immediately, young thing, or I'll make you sit down and read the whole 50 Shades of Grey series straight through!

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