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05 April 2007 @ 07:53 pm

that was amazing. im not gonna use grammar this entry. probably spelling, though. i mean, i can only go so far. ive been reading too many really old entries, from another journal. its funny to see the lack of grammar but then the double spaces.

the video was great. mum has the most perfect elmo impression, so i want to work on a voice. it would be fun to do it together.

mum: "elmo says you probably shouldn't eat that for dinner or mum will get pissed."
xandor: -laughs.-
kiwi: elmo said that to me too, when i tried to bring food upstairs.
mum: -blabbers on as elmo.-
da: oh, look, it's emo!
[rest of family cracks up.]
da: what, what'd i say? didn't i say elmo?
rest of fam: no, you said emo.
mum: "an emo is an overly emotional stereotype. like kiwi's being right now. elmo is not an emo."
kiwi: i resent that, elmo!

apparently driving down to merf's now. i'll be late. but she's only a minute away.

how weird was kiwi without grammar?

btw? mrs. brodeur = paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab.