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Dream: I was at home and tired, but for some reason I had to take the MCAS. I was finishing up the English and knew that I had all of maths left. Cathy, Mum's friend, arrived and they were hanging out but more in the way that they used to way back then than they do now--especially since Cathy has a kid. So I finished up English and was onto maths, and the moment before Cathy walked in I realized I had done all the MCAS before. It finally clicked that something wasn't right, because I had taken these tests and even had my grades back.

I hung out with Cathy, resting on her and sleeping while she "played" a computer game--someone else was playing the actual game, she was using the keyboard to type in the chat. I laughed, since that's sometimes what I do. Then it was apparently time to shower, and suddenly there were two showers in my upstairs bathroom.

So, I got in, started washing... Realized I still had my clothing on. I managed to get everything off and put it in a wet pile in a corner. Cathy was telling me how lucky I was that I knew who I was so young (being lesbian, of course, and not knowing that I was the type of person to enter a shower with clothes on) and that I shouldn't be careful with my heart. That it healed as quickly as my eye, but that it's my brain I have to worry about because it totes around the baggage--sometimes makes it up first, just to tote around.

I got out of the shower and despite knowing that something wasn't right with the MCAS thing, I went back and attempted to finish it yet again, just in case. I couldn't even do it. Somehow, I didn't know how. They were the same questions I had had before and now I couldn't answer them. I put it aside, drew the covers up, and went to sleep. Soon enough I was waking in the dream and thus woke up in real life, jumping to look at the clock since I thought maybe I had overslept. 8:55 and I had planned to wake up at 9:00.
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