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Hoggywarty Comments 5/5, days 14-15

Below are the linked comments for the 2019 Hoggywarty Season, for the final two days of the fest.

The Wandmaker’s Son

❢◥ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◆ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◤❢

Excited for the soft R of Ollivander/Pince!

A young excited Irma is good on the heart. | Irma's head cocked to the side. "Hullo." ~ She started it! Brilliant touch. I like the way she notices people. A Very Particular Irma is spot-on perfect - & no more perfect a moment to be particular than one's first wand-choosing.

She waved the wand experimentally, and her smile widened as a rainbow shone in the gloom of the shop. ~ A premonition of gay tidings of great joy xD Love how powerfully her wand reacted to her. | "Not everyone will have such a strong reaction to their wand, but this is spectacular." ~ High praise & a wonderful way to meet someone; of course Irma's spectacular.

The Hogwarts librarian was a snippy woman who lost her temper at the smallest things. ~ How very well those we notice become us. I'd object to disorganisation of the shelves, too - picturing her organising them all as a student.

"Walnut, twelve inches, unicorn hair." ~ Graceful & gritty, I like it. And jeans! Irma in jeans is a thing to see. | "Sort of. Come with me." Adventure awaits! | Irma's frown returned. "Is this where all the books on charms went that I need for class?" ~ Bahahaha just the question for library use; they're utterly adorable.

Ollivander shrugged again, a movement that his body seemed to lend itself to. ~ Solid line - fits him. | Irma scoffed. "'Expected'? You're eleven." ~ Logical as always, our dear Irma, but then we know she's secretly already found her calling. | 'Dolt' may be my favourite insult of the fest - simple yet effective & a solid choice for young Irma.

Great job describing those in-between relationships; theirs seems plenty friendly to me. | He rarely actually laughed, but she found herself being sparkled at quite often. ~ Beautiful line, very him, & a thing she would realistically find handleable & endearing. A sparkle of laughter seems much safer than a twinkle of scheming.

Irma returned to staring at him. ~ Ahahaha she's relentless; I love it. | She had always been rowdy, according to her mother. Loud and outspoken, she offered her opinion on things no one asked for. ~ Love these two lines for describing young Irma - can see much of her grown self in them. | Good throwback to their initial re-meeting: "I'm pretty sure there are people waiting for those books, if you're not." ~ Such the Librarian In Training - she's LIT! xD

He shook his head. "Why would I when what I've been told to do is what I want to do?" ~ What great luck for Garrick. | Her lips pressed into a thin line, Irma frowned. He was a very strange boy. ~ No wonder she likes him.

Her long black hair was swept up on top of her head in a messy bun, she was wearing the same shirt she had the day before, and she was pretty sure there was breakfast on it somewhere. ~ Bahaha sounds a pretty mess to me. He's got good taste. | "I was wondering whether you have a date to the Yule Ball?" ~ Awww he's got nerves of his own, but well done Garrick! Love their youthful hypotheticals.

They were of a purple so deep that it was almost black. ~ Mmm sounds like a lovely set of robes, really; her mother's likely right. | "What if I am trying to impress Archie?" Alice paled. "Or Darius? Or Sebastian? Or even Keith?" ~ Irma's after your Bae's! Pahaha well played. She'll take no nonsense over looking her finest. | Garrick's brought her a gorgeous corsage.

When and how it had happened, she couldn't remember. ~ I'm sure she had a little something to do with it. | "I don't want to argue." ~ Yes, dancing seems a better alternative given the atmosphere.

Oh yes, with dragons & mermaids & magic afoot, silver eyes is where the line gets drawn =P Loved the headcanon from another fic that the bright spark of a core-matching set his eyes to silver. Of course Irma would notice the potential there.

It seemed that he didn't require a verbal response, however, when she stood on her toes to kiss him again. ~ Adorable. Am sure they'll get told off by the chaperones soon. | ...they had gotten to know each other much better than people who were just friends ever do. ~ Hahahaha depends on the friends xD | And Irma gets her first touch of Ollivander's wand! xD -so mature-

Irma knew that people's first times were usually awkward, but she had been preparing. ~ Of course she would. She's pretty smart in her use of the library, that's for sure. | The press of her fingers to his clothed erection caused him to shudder. ~ I'm sure that didn't make the unbuttoning any easier for him xD

They would get better at this, she knew. They had a long time to practice, after all. ~ Yes - she'll have to get him some of those library books she read. | She scurried back up the stairs as fast as she had come down them. ~ Poor dearie, caught in a crossfire of tempers in what’s turned out to be not so long. | Just standing there in his arms, she knew that this was the end of what they had together. ~ Goodness, & with magical transportation making it so instant. Then, they're 17 - of course it's going to be a Big Deal.

She would drop into their city, spend however long with them that she wished to, then move on. ~ What a marvellous life - I'm jealous! | They all travelled with her everywhere she went, in a magically-enhanced bag. ~ The coolest bookbag ever, precursor to the Beaded Bag. | What she needed, she realised, was a base of operations. ~ Cue Hogwarts, a home to all (and their books)!

Well, Scotland, really. ~ Better for it - but then I'm biased, despite being English. | She was almost eighty years old - as was he, for that matter - and she looked it. ~ Middle-ageish for a witch, and lovelier yet than ever I'm sure. | Pahahaha but in London? Well, she's always got Scotland, I suppose. xD Glad they get their happy ending.

╔═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══╗
I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction to Irma & Garrick. Her stubborn streak, equal plans of travel/books, & all her schooltime dealings were finely fit to her character. Cute to see them in their schooltime dalliance through the years at Hogwarts - their patience with it, too, and their steamy scene. A world-travelling Irma is the happiest thing of all, headcanon accepted! I want another story of all the things she gets up to while collecting her stash of books. Garrick could afford to find some new material - she's pretty smart, pretty fierce, pretty powerful, pretty a lot of things more than pretty - but that seems to fit him in a way, too, & either way glad to see them reconnecting when given the chance.

Thank you for this fun backstory into our dearly beloved Librarian!

╚═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══╝


The Longest Night

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

Fanbutching hard over the cast over here. A missing moment I'm much looking forward to, hard as the scene was to read in canon (or perhaps that's precisely why ;D ).


Pomona had no idea how long she had sat, cross-legged, on the floor staring at nothing in the darkness. ~ Perfect start - she must be worried positively sick. | As Wilhelmina continued to look down at her, Pomona realised that she was probably supposed to say something. ~ Shock & fear well-described on both their ends, each character just that touch Off to match the Off settings (Minerva, man down? How could such a thing be?) | Also, wrong time probably, She pulled her wand out of the holster at her hip...

She looked around as if she were seeing the greenhouse for the first time and then at the witch sitting opposite her. 'Thank you.' ~ I love this moment: well-captured, & good to see Pomona so impacted, Wil so knowledgeable on what to do.

'There you are,' he greeted, sounding not quite like his usual composed self. ~ Beautifully characterised in so few words - how this hits all of them in separate & similar ways.

'But why wouldn't she tell anyone? And why work as a school nurse?' Pomona asked. ~ Where is a fully-qualified healer needed more, save a hospital or in battlefields during times of war? Yet then again... Anyway, how clear it is this is the best location for Poppy, & how lucky for Minerva's life she’s here.

Both Severus and Filius were looking at Pomona like they were seeing her for the first time. ~ Pahahahaha of course she would, & Wilhelmina would know but the others not. They oughtn't be so shocked! xD

'The hat obviously made the right choice,' Severus said softly. 'No silly bravado, but true courage.' ~ A line of greatest honour, coming from him who can sometimes sneer Gryffindor shades of red. And she seems to have a touch of silly bravado but also double the courage... xP | Hear hear: Wilhelmina said, 'Would have done well in every house.'

'There is no "if" here,' Wilhelmina said firmly. ~ Absolutely. Love your solid, grounded Wilhelmina there to keep them all even-keel.

'That woman is one fine duellist.' / 'High praise coming from you,' Pomona said. ~ That she is, & that it is! Rumour has it he's a three-times European champion... :D

Wilhelmina swallowed. 'Minerva came. Sat with me through the night. Took care of everything.' ~ Bless, I love this tender caring Minerva.

'At which point she sat down and we had an almost amiable chat.' ~ Perfectly Minerva moment; I can see it with ease. Just like them for Severus to have won her over with solid consistent competent interest in Quidditch (& no doubt wagers on winners/losers).

'It is from Poppy,' he said. 'Minerva is still unconscious, but stable. She is taking her to St. Mungo's now.' ~ What a relief for all of them - & for us. How well you've let us draw this long breath with the news of her survival.

So very glad to have read this little missing moment precisely how you've written it. The tense trauma & freshness of it give the immediate sense of bated breath, disbelieving/dissociative denial & apprehension - with our steady, well-humoured Pomona of all people we are in utter timeless darkness, despair. A powerful moment for softly caring Wilhelmina to step in & bring her back to an earth she recognises. Filius' getting himself fussed out the room is hilariously on-point, as is Severus' nervous hovering: they're all so brilliantly captured in who they are & how they deal with mortal worry (occasionally very opposite what might be expected, which makes its own sense for the moments of highest trauma & worry – the ways they take us Out of Character like that).

The uncomfortable (viney) comfort of the greenhouse is a great choice of setting for this moment: a step away from Hogwarts Main but somewhere clearly often-visited, given their familiarity with it, & how telling that is of their relationships with Pomona (& each other). The surprise at Poppy's prowess & Pomona's scientific pseudonym are simply stupendous - hilarious & so realistic for these two women I'm almost taken aback at their colleagues’ surprise, which only further delights me. It's a beautifully kind reminiscing of friends from all days of her life & a brilliant look at many facets of Minerva, her different personas and & roles in friendship.

One thing I loved about this fic given Minerva's background & Pagan name is that the way their circle comes together to speak of her - & Wilhelmina's steady faith of conviction - it can be viewed as something of a prayer circle, one with the perfect ending in receiving that letter from Poppy - her hardest work of stabilising is done & the Fates intervened upon, much more work ahead but the prayers answered: Minerva's alive enough to fight, & they all know she's got fight in her so long as she’s living. The strength of prayer from this gathered circle makes the relief of the fresh news all the more poignant. And the owl knows where to find them.

Absolutely a missing moment for the books, as one might say. Thank you very much for it!



A Crafty Solution

════ ⋆★⋆ ════

Minerva felt she should be entitled to peace and quiet in her study. Of course she is! And of course she'd do something about it - legitimately can't wait, given the cast list.


And then there were certain times in the month when all one could do was ensure a ready supply of chocolates was available in the girls' dormitories. ~ Oooofta I'm sure that's a time for the castle.

...she couldn't guarantee she wouldn't turn them into frogs and tell them they wouldn't be transformed back until Filch had kissed them. She's sure getting creative with her punishments. Though I don't at all doubt how long & ridiculous a 'battle of Looks' contest would run in every-day Hogwarts communication: they've all got some pretty solid Looks.

"You wouldn't!" ~ Hah, & to think a cleaning sounded lovely... | Minerva went to open it and admitted Irma Pince and Pomona Sprout. ~ Yaaaay favourites!! "And we all know how helpful it is to cast a theoretical spell," Irma agreed. ~ Bahahaha I do so love Irma's unique brand of snark.

"That, Headmaster Black," Minerva replied icily, "is cross stitch." ~ The very essence of a Stitch & Bitch. | "It's a bookmark," she explained. "I'm making it for a friend." ~ How lovely to hear & suited to Irma/her literary friendships.

"You could try tea towels," Pomona suggested. "And cover them up like you do with parrots." ~ Bahaha. Although my dear friend's sun conure has grown very fond of his towel & now gets a bit aggressively protective of it, treats it like a cherished mate...

"That's all right," Pomona said, smiling. "You won't be." ~ Ahaha I love the simple glorious humour of this piece.

Then, with a drop kick a rugby player would have been proud of, she sent the item through the air. ~ Atta girl, McG! | Minerva held up a spherical crocheted Dumbledore. ~ BAHAHAHA CHEERS FOR THAT POMONA! | "But rest assured I will do whatever is necessary to promote order within my study." ~ Yes, including hitting them in the face with the faces of their own or others' balls.

Ten minutes later, Irma and Pomona arrived for their craft and natter session. ~ MY FAVOURITE STITCH'N'BITCH EVER. A very effective committee of three, they are, inspiring the Head of the most magical school in the UK to hush generations of witches & wizards with balls to the face kicked by a Roman Goddess. Pretty impressive for posterity's sake.

Teeheehee this was a real grin&grunter with its humour & realistic situation. The original problem is one we know well enough from canon; the crafting club idea is inspired - such a wonderful little stitch'n'bitch community they've got going on. It's a tale, reduced down, of how inspiring creative friends can be. I can think of few greater messages than that.

Based on this fic I'm accepting "Minerva's balls!" as part of common Harry Potter terminology; she earned it well, & of course she'd be an accurate ball-player from her Quidditch days. Utterly adorable & unique problem-solving there - really used her Head to find new solutions to old problems. They're all so clever & wry. ♥

Thank you so very much for this fun little moment I'd so love to see as a comic. ~disappears whistling 'get by with a little help from my friends...'~



⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰


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