Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus


Solstice gathering with the Merfette.

We got there a spot late for the ritual, but it was great. I immediately got into it. It was SO what I needed.

So Merf followed my lead, which was neat. She asked a lot of questions that I really just had to answer, "Wait and see."

I got to dance lots. Sing, laugh, smile. Everything I needed.

After my dose of spirituality I was glomped by Hitomi. After drawling, "I am not speaking to you until you attack me with a giant hug."

And of course, we brought up Anime Clue.

Because who could forget about Sasuke murdering Chii in the Closet with the Obese Porn?

Not I, said the fly.

Anyway, it was great. I'm borrowing her AFK hat. She gave me her gaia poster. She's borrowing my awesome black hat. She gave me a necklace/earrings set that a creepy!stalkerboy gave her. I'm going to make her a toothbrush bracelet. It all works out. =P.

Oh! I gave Mrs. Cav the toothbrush bracelet. She didn't really know what to say, but I wasn't expecting anything. =P. She gave me a CD of London Symphony music with number five being titled "Solstice". She didn't seem to pleased when we listened to it at lunch, but I really like it.

Now I'm trying to do other stuff for her, since I had been planning to give her the bracelet with other stuff, but since she surprised me with a Solstice present... (I thought she would give it to me Friday or something, since that's closest to Christmas...)

But it makes me uber happy that she remembered I prefer Solstice. 'cause I feel closer with the science of it, rather than to Christmas with the fairy tales I've grown out of...

So that was special.

Now I'm working on a story for her and doing gaia junk.

Love you all!


P.S. New icons.
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