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30 May 2014 @ 06:27 pm
Voyager Season 5 Watch-Through  
For some reason I am choosing now to get some easy, not-mentally-taxing stuff done. Probably because I'm on a bit of a staycation at the moment!

I wanted to post my Voyager thoughts for Season 5 so I can get on to watching Season 6. Just a bunch of rambles and squees and all that since I'm not there to watch it in person with queen_of_snapes (though I do hope to manage it on video/Skype one of these days as we've planned!). kelly_chambliss, you're also welcome to a scroll down memory lane as well. (; And of course anyone else from my LJ flist who likes the show and enjoys being reminded of it!

I'm at the point now that I actually feel comfortable reading fanfic, so I've been doing that on occasion when I see my friends have written and posted it. If you have any recs please feel free to post them! I've also really been enjoying all the gifs on tumblr. Some are hilarious, some steal my breath away, some I just can't stop looking at. I'll put some down at the bottom.

Now on to my ridiculous rambles (much like my fic comments):


Back at it as I organise my room and get up to some other tasks.

What even? This feels more like Galaxy Quest--which I still haven’t seen, somehow. [ETA: Now I have! Alan Rickman, you are a star. Sigourney Weaver enriches my life to a ridiculous degree. I'm going to be mentally quoting that film for the rest of my sci-fi-watching life.]

Janeway, there’s a Borg on board who can distract you plenty.

Ouch, my heart. Someone fix Janeway. Depression and doubt suck.

Constance Goodheart. ‘Secretary’ bit aside, it seems I am doomed to always find great fondness for women named Constance. Ahahaha Seven, I love you.

Yaaaaay Janeway with a gun again!

Oh. I’m always drawn to a conscientious leader who understands the constant struggle with guilt, and occasionally allows it to lead her, even if it is problematic. Always a character/story I can relate to. Awwwr. Civil disobedience of a sort. I’m all warm and fuzzy inside.

Seven smiling. That’s quite the image to behold.

Oh man. So is B’Elanna upon waking and showering. Woman knows how to dress well for sleep.

“Good morning.” Seven: “That remains to be seen.” Proof that Seven is not impervious to the Lesbian Urge to Merge. Goodness, every time they talk together I can’t think straight—because it doesn’t look as though they are either. They stand so close and make so much eye-contact with endless looks up and down!

“You must comply! Please… You are hurting me…” “You will adapt.” OI. THERE GOES MY HEART MUSCLE. My baby is in pain. Noooo.

I love that they let the women of this show actually sweat. My goodness, B’Elanna is hot when she’s all active.

Old-fashioned space-race for making a shuttle? My money is on Janeway.

Awwwr yeah, I was looking for that B’Elanna Banana Pancake Smile.

Welp. Saw that one coming with the kiss. Nightmare time for Chakotay.

I don’t know whether this show makes me want to wear a corset under a tight suit and wear my hair up in a French-ish twist or to cut my hair and wear more pant suits and tank tops.

A little coffee shop called the Night Owl? Sounds like a place I’d enjoy! Awwwwr the smile at receiving another rose!

Awwwr a little ecological child! She’s like a more outgoing version of me! (Well, in the ‘real world’; my imaginary self was much like her Holodeck self.)

Oh, the endosymbiant hypothesis. I recall learning all about that one. Yes, the Doctor does talk quite a bit.

Oh man. I was thinking the same thing, Naomi. I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed that I seem to have found the character that most resembles me on the Voyager… I even looked the same except for the forehead ridges.

“Coffee, Captain?” “No thanks; I’ve had enough. One more cup and I’ll jump to warp.” Teeheehee. KJ humour at its finest.

I'm with Janeway. Good gods, Neelix drives me crazy sometimes—and this is coming from one of those sensitive, astute children. Loved Seven’s input about adapting; so true. TUVOK I LOVE YOU. Love that you included the “integrity of those around you”.

I think a few years ago this episode wouldn’t have affected me very much, but now that I’ve spent years working with children and being part of the “it takes a village” village for so many children, it does now.

Badge on the plushie. Clever girl. Oh, I do like Naomi.

Oh, wow. This is strange for me to watch, in a way. I know that television (and any sort of escapist media) can be more stirring when one finds a certain level of resemblance to a character or characters. It’s odd for me to watch Neelix and all the others, and to see in them the beliefs and decisions and conversations that so many adults around me had. (I, like Naomi, either overheard them without others knowing or twigged them through later body language and references.) Having to approach through an imaginary world and its protectors, too, is very true to my life; the adults who could get through to me were the ones who could make it through the landscape of my imagination and join me there. (It’s unlikely that Neelix would have been one of those adults for me—likely Janeway, with her soft interior and strong exterior—but all the same.) I was particularly sensitive to lies and breeches of conscience, more than to bad news or things that, by knowing, might directly hurt me.

(My mother use to call my interior world “Horsica” because at the time I was so fond of horses. It was always, “Earth to [Kiwi], come back from that Horsica land of yours!” She never learned to join me in the imaginary world the way some of my teachers and other role models did, though.)

Just so peculiar to watch this from the other Point of View, from those outside the imagination and sensitivity rather than inside. Quite the experience.

AAAAAHHH!!! KJ playing the same holodeck series as a child and flooding the forest at age 6! This is so lovely. Oh, I’m smiling away. Love thinking of her as an imaginative little child not entirely unlike Naomi (and she shows signs of that, with her conscientiousness and sensitivity to deceit or betrayal).

I’m glad that even this far in the future the old technique of hitting technology and saying “COME ON!” is still seen as an effective, or at least last-hope, technique that is worth employing.

So this is a Voyager crossover with Frozen, right?

Hey KJ, you’ve got a little…something…in your hair.

DRUNK SEVEN. Oh my goodness. This is brilliant. All the shoulder patting—I see she picked that up from KJ. If only I got to see drunk!Seven with KJ.

Janeway, I agree with your stance on temporal paradoxes and explaining them: to not even try.

I know how you feel, Seven; I get hungry at night as well.

Naomi! And Seven! “Sub-unit of…” Ahahaha. Awwwwr regressed Seven is adorable. Love how much Naomi admires Janeway.

Apparently I’ve always had the secret desire to see Seven bite B’Elanna’s face, but not quite like that…

This is an episode of how to break Janeway’s heart.

“My courage is insufficient.” My heart too. Although I get these moments with KJ/7 and that is worthwhile.

That was…intense. Love how clear it was that the crew has actually come to care for Seven, at least enough to have her back in such a huge way.

Awwwr, Seven, you’re actually quite good with kids. I’d have loved you as a child. (And now I am reminded of one of my students, who frequently likes to play at being my “assistant”.) Smiling.

The Doc is presenting every committee meeting I have ever hated. Poor KJ. Ooooh Chakotay, you ruddy bastard! KJ should thwap you for this one.

I want a gif of KJ walking out and handing the Doc her mug. That is the perfect expression for so many of my moments at work.

B’Elanna: “What happened to going to yellow alert after a half of an hour?”
Tuvok: “Commander Chakotay appears to have disobeyed a direct order.”
Janeway: “Definitely grounds for Court Marshall!”

Ahahaha KJ, I love you.

[Welp, Da just tripped over the Playstation and temporarily killed Janeway. We’ll see how she recovers.

PlayStation: "The system was not turned off properly the last time it was used.”
Da & Me: “Really?”
Me: “You don’t say!”
Da: “Just because I kicked it halfway across the room does not mean it wasn’t turned off properly!”


This is very Alien.

KJ in a room with B’Elanna in a tank-top. The only thing that could make this better is KJ in a tank-top. And perhaps some of this temper/passion going in a different direction.

I am not paying as much attention to this episode as I should. To think Paris is a guerrilla environmentalist.

Janeway’s expressions are utter perfection. This music adds just the touch to the search as well.

alsdjfhg how much I love her Season 5 hair and makeup.

Oh! I like these two together.

Mmm. KJ is up to some sneaky acting. I am loving this. AAAAAHHH her expressions with her acting and good cop/bad cop. Brilliant. These two playing the poor alien man is fantastically fun to behold.

I love KJ in that shirt. And leaning over someone like that, with her expression, and now kneeling as she excitedly talks about science and music… I just can’t with this episode.

“I suppose you liked me better in uniform.” “I haven’t decided if I like you at all.”

Uh oh, I think I ship it. Janeway sure does a lot of lip-looking and she just licked her own lips.

Love that she’s an “ask for forgiveness and not permission” sort of gal.

Resting back with her arms behind her head…. And their flirting. Oh I can’t handle this at all.

YES OH YES OH YESSSSSS I was waiting for that. The Captain gets her on-screen kiss and it is glorious. Going in for that second one, and the hands, and the hand-kiss. ALSKDHGALSKDJFHG that is the stuff dreams are made of. So now of course it has to be terribly tragic. I do hope Janeway has prepared for this inevitability.

Oh how I do love you so terribly much, KJ. That was a brilliant episode. I wasn’t sure if they were going to leave it at the whole lot of it being their plan, or have the betrayals be authentic. Great way they did it, I think, and ending it with things looking as if the two Captains had just finished a rousing game of high-stakes Chess.

(I don’t know how I’ve managed to get this far into Season 5 without reading any smut at all, but I’m not sure I’ll get much farther. I’ll try. I’d love to watch the whole series before I start looking at fan-works.)

Janeway discussing sports with the bridge. I love it. KJ is reading a book—a real book!—in her comfortable chair. In informal clothes, with her arm up. One of my new favourite things. Can I order that from the replicator?

2 in the morning in your quarters is not time for a philosophical debate, KJ? I doubt that; you mentioned being a procrastinator while at the academy. Those two go hand-in-hand. But yes, *sigh*, suppose the two of you will just have to get up to something else

Damn, but I do love Seven. They both know how to drive a point home. I can’t get over how much I adore the two of them in whatever varied forms they interact.

Awwwr the full circle of KJ showing up in Seven’s domain and requesting a philosophical discussion on individuality. This show makes me so happy.

Tender smile at KJ back to reading, on her side, in another chair. Reading poetry! Goodness, KJ, knock it off; I can’t afford to love you any more than I already do. She dozed off all adorable with her book! Damn it, I told you to knock it off with the loveliness!

I quite liked this episode, for the Doctor and his evolution but also how clear it is that Seven and Janeway are under each other’s counsel, rather than one guiding the other. They’re both rule-breakers, of a sort, when it comes to their compulsion to be outspoken about their moral quandaries and compasses. It puts them on equal ground in a way, even when it is riskier for Seven in terms of rank; the fact that she gets away with it does indicate how much KJ appreciates it—and is confirmed by later follow-through. So beautiful. I wish I got to see these sorts of interactions between women more often in my chosen media.

By the episode title, I’m going to guess this is a bit of a ridiculous holodeck episode. Ahahaha. I just watched Galaxy Quest; now I get to see another piece making fun of bad science fiction. I’m excited!

Constance Goodheart is back! Although, alas, she is not Seven this time.

“Listen to me very carefully because I am only going to say this once: COFFEE, BLACK.” Teeheehee this is why the OTP must be Janeway/Coffee and everything else is secondary. Plus she makes faces like that while she drinks. “Coffee first.” She knows what’s up with her OTP.

"Who'd you have in mind? ... Oh no. No, oh no." Janeway's going to do some more acting! This time camp and ridiculous and very Rocky Horror! Dying. That whole scene was glorious.

Tom: “One more thing: if you have trouble with Chaotica or you can’t get to the Deathray, you can always uncork the pheromones.”
Janeway: [Aghast.] “I beg your pardon?!”

I was just changing clothes so I can move stations soon but I doubled over laughing and laughing. I can’t wait to see her as Arachnia! This episode is too much; I’m loving it.

I cannot handle this at all, oh my goodness. And the cleavage. Is there anything else happening right now? Is there? I don’t think so. Yes there is. LEGS. THERE ARE LEGS.

I have port and chocolate, now, to make it even better. The Doctor in a suit improves it further.

Not-Magenta-but-actually-Magenta told you to shut the shield! Oh no. You caged the spider.

Ahahaha. That was magical. Especially the expressions there at “THE END … ? ” There’s one episode I can put on if I need a laugh!

I spent most of my episodes trying not to be annoyed by the voice of young Tuvok and that girl. I’m not sure I quite succeeded.

But! I like the way Tuvok handled it in the end and I also want his chalice for meditation.

I see this is another episode in which I love love love Seven of Nine. I love the way she is with kids, too: it’s so authentic.

Naomi, too, and the way she sponges up knowledge—particularly science—to use for acute analogies. Lovely. I adore seeing these two together as well.

Probably a bad episode to watch as I have to make at least some attempt at an early evening tonight, but as I’m still working on making a Jeopardy board for tomorrow’s UK vs US lesson…well, I’ll see what I get through!

The com-badge fidgeting trick! That is adorable.

Back from a road trip and what is one of the very first things I do? Open up Voyager? Yes, indeed. Coming back to Janeway with a gun is brilliant.

Oh goodness, Seven, what a choice. Because of your parents’ arrogance they were assimilated and you were raised by Borg, and now Voyager is heading down a similarly arrogant path and you have been given the choice to become assimilated again to save them from the same fate—give up your newly-found child-like individualism. My poor baby!

Chemistryyyyyyy. All of the chemistry everywhere. Well. That’s what a broken Janeway heart looks like.

Lady and spine coming down from the ceiling. That was sufficiently creepy.

I love the way Kathryn treats Naomi.

Naomi: “Captain, you’re not going to give up [on rescuing Seven], are you?”
KJ: [Gets up, walks over, beckons her closer.] “There are three things to remember about being a Starship captain: keep your shirt tucked in; go down with the ship; and never abandon a member of your crew.”

Alskdjfhglasjkdhg I’ve seen that gifed so many times but seeing/hearing it in person was beautiful. This whole episode. Man oh man, ode to subtext femslash and mentorship and all sorts of excellent things I love.

The Borg Queen is creepily excellent.

“Our thoughts are one.” Awwwr. Seven and her true Collective, her true Queen…

Your Queen says it’s bed-time. Oh, and “sweet dreams”, with such an adoring look! And after a conversation that was heavy on the chin-stroking, intense eye contact and wandering sights. I approve.

Goodness, at this point it looks like Kim is sleeping with a Succubus.

Greasy-dirty Janeway is a happy one. Especially with the hair tucked. She’s like the hot mechanic in all too many lesbian media…

Cheers Tom! Well done!

Yesss thank you, Seven, for asking Kim to specify what sort of love he’s asking about! One of the many reasons I love you; most people would hardly think of the other kinds until asked more specifically about them.

Well that was an episode.

A partay, a partay! Wedding. Hmm. B’Elanna dyed her hair for her wedding? What is KJ wearing? At least Seven is there to crack me up. All right, KJ’s odd uniform is not as bad from the side.

Oh, Seven! And look at Janeway’s delight there. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes steam in the intergalactic carriage… *coughs.* (Gods, people would throw things at me if I lived on Voyager. I’d be worse than Neelix.)

Seven of Nine: “I fail to see the benefit of monogamous relationships.”
B’Elanna: “So, you want to stay single.”
Seven: “If you mean remain open to social situations with a wide variety of individuals, then yes.”
B’Elanna: “I’m married, I’m not going into stasis for the rest of my life! No, I plan to have—”
Seven: “I do not wish to be dependent on anyone. By marrying, one limits one’s romantic interactions to a single individual, a circumstance which implies extreme monotony.”
B’Elanna: “I’m glad we had this little talk…”

Ahahaha oh Seven, I adore you. And now I can confirm another reason I love this ship: I can keep right on omnishipping KJ and 7 with just about anything/one with whom they come in contact.

Indiana! I just drove through there!

Weekly dinner with Chakotay. I like it. JANEWAY HAS A BONSAI. I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS AT ALL. (Another of my favourite characters to be involved with bonsais in some way.)

I watched the episode. I’m not sure I had much to say.

Awwr. A little couple’s spat.

Are you sure no one spiked your coffee, Janeway? Yes, please do keep stretching.

I had a feeling they'd be going for Seven. Wouldn't most of us? Awwr at the KJ/7 conversation! Lovely.

Ahaha, Seven and the cube puzzle. Janeway is aroused.

How does B’Elanna always get hotter the dirtier she gets? It’s a strange and beautiful correlation.

I love Seven’s research. (Also I’m glad I’m not the only one who occasionally/often looks at humans as just another species to be observed. Myself included.)

I don’t know if I should feel guilty for shipping 7/B’Elanna. But hey—hate!ships happen all the time, right? Right. (My goodness, I am the worst sort of femslasher. F-SLASH GOGGLES AHOY!)

KJ is wearing the wedding uniform again...is this more permanent than I expected? (No, just an event, all-righty.)

“Oh, I’m missing a pip!” Just keep your hand right there, KJ…

You’re suggesting Seven try romance herself, while she’s got her hands near your chest and putting your pip back on…which just so happened to ‘fall off’ right near your desk… F-slash goggles continue.

At least she didn’t specify not requiring a romantic or sexual relationship, ‘cause I’ve still got ideas about that pip.

Doctor: "You're a woman, Seven!"
Seven: [Raised eyebrow.] “Is that an observation or a diagnosis?”

A LESSON PLAN ON DATING? I want it! And I’ve realised that, being 24 and still not dating much, I’m pretty much doing this at Seven’s timeline… ahahaha perhaps not a lesson plan from the Doctor, though. I want mine from Seven!

The key to finding a compatible partner is to stick with KJ, Seven.

The singing! That scene made me smile.

Doctor: “Seven, please state the nature of the medical emergency.”
Seven: “I have a date.”

Yeah, mine are classified as medical emergencies too.

[Lobsters are placed before Seven and her date.]
Date-man: “Problem?”
Seven: “This creature has an exoskeleton…”

A lot of my life problems are reflected in Seven in a rather hilarious way. (No really, oh ye gods, I am a slightly-less-ridgid-and-serious Seven with my life problems. This is almost embarrassing. No wonder I’m, like, totally drowning in dates.)

Ahhhh the old Problematic Debt issue. “Remove your hand or I will remove your arm!” Ah, be still my rampant heart. Seven, you are a wonder.

That was an adorable episode.

Janeway’s relative’s comments while driving through Indiana is basically what I thought myself. (My housemate has just informed me that she has watched this episode; she started giggling when she saw Janeway’s relative in the car. And now there is a cat on my bed. Not my cat. I don’t have a cat. He’s going to fall asleep on Harry Potter.)

A Janeway in a wagon. I support this episode so far. Was that a Delorean? *Doesn’t know cars.* Loving her hair. I am so in love with Kate Mulgrew’s face.

It’s getting serious when you and one of your partners are looking up each other’s genealogy.

I ship Kate Mulgrew/reading glasses.

Love the sharing of ancestries and the stories of relatives. Seeing Janeway all relaxed and reclined, right next to Seven, who is also trying to posture herself in a relaxed manner (damn corset)! Adorable.

Janeway’s poor little proud heart just broke. “Question is…when we get back to Earth, how will I break it to aunt Martha?” Teeheehee. Yes to a Janeway eating a cookie behind the wheel.

Corny, but I’m loving a confession with chocolate-chip cookies. That’s the sort of way I realise things.

Awwwr. The way they all gather around KJ in her time of need, to cheer her up and all. Heartwarming. I love this crew.

Awwwr Janeway and her old science professor. That was delightful. So much love for a woman of science in a leadership position.

Human Seven is weird. Looks good in the uniform, though.

Ah! It's Rizzoli's old partner from Rizzoli & Isles!

I love how much Janeway hates time stuff but that she keeps falling into it. Teeheehee. Season 5 hair vs the ol’ bun. And she gets told off for time travel! Hah! Now I want Voyager/Doctor Who crossover. Oh ye gods, Janeway and River Song together would be too much to handle…

I don't know if I jotted down notes on this and they disappeared or I didn't have anything to say as I watched the episode. Ah well. It was an interesting take on the Doc.

Ohnoes, a cliffhanger.

Female scientist-captain fangirling a biological scientist who re-discovered a previously extinct species? Eff yes. Good gods I love this show.

Teeheehee Janeway’s got the authority ‘cause she’s got the guns. Again reminded that I adore this show. Glad she’s got it, too, ‘cause this guy has seemed a bit off to me the whole time.

That man’s face irks me. Surprised KJ let loose with an immediate shot, but then I suppose she knew the species was rightfully ripshit. Wonder how they’ll get themselves out of this one. I don’t want anyone splitting up my J7 for long!

To the show in general I offer:

To my wisdom teeth and the glorious ending of my too-long 'woman of wisdom' years I say:

To the gauze I have to put up with for a while more I give:

For the rest of my recovery I will:

To help me deal with it, I will remind myself of the importance of, erm, strong friendships:

And to the world I say (or type, because gauze):

That is all! Now I get to watch Season 6!

[Crossposted from dreamwidth.]
Maggiemagnetic_pole on May 31st, 2014 12:36 am (UTC)
Glad you're doing well, K. *sends healing vibes* M.
Kiwi Crocus: TWW || Constance || Party hat.cranky__crocus on May 31st, 2014 12:57 am (UTC)
Thank you! I know the first day is often better than the second when it comes to any kind of operations, but I'm at least glad for that. It's been a better first day than most of my post-operation days so that gives me hope for tomorrow as well. Thanks for stopping by! ♥
kellychambliss: JBorgCubekellychambliss on May 31st, 2014 05:25 pm (UTC)
Great gifs! Esp. the J/7 one

Seasons Four and Five are my favorites. There are several clunkers in each (um, "The Fight"?) but the good ones are great. So much J/7 subtext, I can't even. Your gif says it all. "Dark Frontier," OMG (source of my icon).

My favs:

Timeless -- great special effects, interesting plot. Here is my very favorite "Timeless"-based fanfic -- Absumption by the Emu. Janeway/Paris

Bride of Chaotica -- really fun

But my absolute fav for the crackling UST and hints of Janeway darkness = COUNTERPOINT. Some of my favorite Janeway writers set up a Yahoo group (LJ didn't exist yet) just for Counterpoint-based Janeway/Kashyk fic. There is so much good stuff that I can't begin to list it all. This fic might be my favorite, though --

Middle of the Night by Boadicea12 (my RL partner) Janeway/Kashyk with hints of J/7
Kiwi Crocus: TWW || HBDrill || Just kiss.cranky__crocus on June 4th, 2014 12:34 am (UTC)
So far 4 and 5 have been my favourites as well. And I have a habit of multitasking as I watch television (doing it now, oops!) so the clunkers don't tend to bother me much. Looooved the J/7 subtext.

I'll have to watch "Timeless" again. I quite enjoyed that one.

Agreed on the crackling UST/Janeway darkness in Counterpoint! I loved that one.

Will have to get on those two pieces of fanfic! Thanks for the rec.
President Airlock: Borgqueen_of_snapes on May 31st, 2014 09:27 pm (UTC)
Season 5 is the best season. Not just because it has 'Counterpoint', although it helps. I won't detail my feelings on Counterpoint, I'm just gonna say I bought the whole season on DVD just so I could watch that episode whenever I wanted.

But season 5 has so many good episodes, it's quicker to list the ones I didn't like:

- The Fight. The first rule of The Fight, you don't talk about The Fight.

- Extreme Risk. Although I liked Chakotay confronting B'Elanna, I'm not a fan.

- Nothing Human. Just no. Did they really need a hologram of the cardassian? Couldn't they have used a human hologram and just programmed it with the cardassian's knowledge?

- Latend Imange. I didn't really care about ensign No Name. The Doc's struggle was almost interesting, but it would have been nice had it been someone we've met before.

- Think Tank. That alien was just too creepy.

- Juggernaught. Not a fan of the malon.

- Someone to watch over me. Endless cringe-fest. I hate the way Seven's dress screams LOOK AT THE RIGHT BOOB! Also, that alien ambassor was over the top.

- 11:59. I did not like Mr Janeway.

- Equinox. I don't like Janeway in Equinox, and I don't like episodes where I don't like Janeway.

That being said, except for 'the Fight' I'm not skipping any episodes when I re-watch. It's the best season. Most of all, Janeway looks the prettiest in season 5.

Trivia of the day: Arachnia was my very first internet nickname and I still use the email address I created with it. Arachnia.de was my website. Gods I'm old...
kellychambliss: J/Kashykkellychambliss on June 1st, 2014 04:37 am (UTC)
I agree -- the presentation of Janeway in "Equinox" has some real problems. Not because she's portrayed as dark or as willing to be ruthless. It's that her ruthlessness is shown as evil and hypocritical -- tough-minded women have to be evil and out-of-control, of course.
Kiwi Crocus: Lesbians || Embrace.cranky__crocus on June 4th, 2014 12:45 am (UTC)
I wouldn't be at all against a detailing of your feelings on Counterpoint!

Ahahaha. Good rules on The Fight. Apparently the only thing I found really worth noting about Extreme Risk is how hot B'Elanna is when she sweats--which isn't much to say, really. I liked some of the interactions in Nothing Human but wasn't particularly taken with the plot; and again, B'Elanna looking hot in a tank-top was apparently what caught my interest.

Yeah, Latent Image. I liked that episode for the Janeway/Seven bits but wasn't all that drawn into the plot or the Doctor's struggles. I still haven't connected with him all that much and will be surprised if I do. The Think Tank alien was indeed creepy. Ahaha and Juggernaut is another episode in which my only real comment is one about B'Elanna being attractive! Clearly didn't draw me in. :Þ

Yeah, wasn't fond of the dress in Someone to Watch Over Me. Another episode in which I was mostly interested in the Seven interactions. She's one of those characters that can make me enjoy an episode I otherwise wouldn't be too interested in.

I wasn't fond of Mr Janeway either. I think I should have paid better attention to Equinox. I do remember feeling uncomfortable with Janeway and surprised at her actions, which is perhaps why I didn't have much to say on the matter. It just didn't seem to match up with how her character was otherwise presented.

I'll remember the not-skipping rule on the occasion that we do get to spend some real time together and perhaps get to watch through some serious Voyager together! (Who knows, perhaps I'll end up living in England again for a time someday. Or if you feel like taking a longer-term trip over here!)

*Grins.* Love the Arachnia trivia. Now I've got to choose between Queenie and Arachnia! ;D
CaroRulescarorules on June 3rd, 2014 08:15 pm (UTC)
You can never go wrong with a bunch of Voyager gifs ;)
Kiwi Crocus: Animal || Awkward giraffe.cranky__crocus on June 4th, 2014 12:46 am (UTC)
I agree! Love me some Voyager gifs. :D