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Voyager Season 4 Running Commentary

The end of Season 4 of Voyager caught me by surprise; I might not have noticed I'd entered Season 5 if I hadn't turned to the corner of my screen in time. I'm in-between a few big tasks at the moment and thought it was as good a time as any to dump my thoughts from much of Season 4 here, again mostly for queen_of_snapes. Since I sadly can't watch it with you in person, this is the closest I can get--for now! (Trust that the next time we see each other in person we'll be coming up with a list of the episodes we should watch together. You're welcome to join us, kellychambliss!)

Of course I didn't think to start adding episode titles at the beginning of each new piece of commentary until halfway through. Ah well.

I've also learned that tumblr is a treasure cove of fun Voyager things to explore. I picked an image based on my most recent thoughts...

Janeway: "Come in."
Kes: [Comes in looking incredibly tired. Hands Janeway report.] "Hello Captain."
Janeway: [Finishes sipping coffee and looks Kes up and down while collecting the report.] "Good morning. An all-nighter, Kes?"
Kes: [Scratches head and looks confused.] "Uh, Captain?"
Janeway: [Sips coffee.] "The fine art of putting off an important task 'til the very last minute--then rushing through it. Mm. In my academy days I was the acknowledged master."

We have that in common, Janeway. My friends still comment to me about my good old procrastination and all-nighters; they were legendary.

Around 140 (137) people on the Voyager crew. Interesting! That may be useful to me some day. Oh, no, even more if they’ve got 40 left on the ship and “more than 100 Nyrians”.

I am loving “Worst Case Scenario” – I’m sure that’s what life would be like with a holodeck and holonovels! Love that it confirms people on the ship write them, too. We’d all use it for terribly naughty things, I’m sure.

“Additional narrative parameters have not been programmed.” “Are you saying there’s no more story?” “Affirmative.” “This is someone’s idea of a practical joke, right?” And there we see what would happen with the lot of us procrastinators, and how we’d drive each other madder than hatters…

“I’m the leader of a community and communities need entertainment, culture, creative outlets… And since we’re not exactly privy to the every new piece of music or holonovel that’s written back home, I think it’s only natural that we should start creating our own.” YES CAPTAIN! *Salutes.* (All of a sudden, fictionalised non-fiction holonovels featuring the crew and Alternate Universes start cropping up…)


…this may be why we have yet to successfully achieve a collab. Cheers, Voyager, that explains a lot.

“I guess that means I keep writing.” Yes, Janeway, I’d say it does. I can’t believe there is actually an episode in which you save the day by writing Real Person Fic. This show is ridiculous and I love it.

Character writes fanfic. Character takes over fanfic (we’ve all experienced that one before, I’m sure). Different writer must save the fanfic (guess that means Janeway’s the beta!).

“I’m not out of ideas yet.” We’re glad to hear it, Janeway. You just keep writing. You’ll find it’s also nice to share those ideas, here in fandom. (;

“Here’s to stories with happy endings!” Yes, this time I think I’ll toast to that. With returns in the future for some of that heart and heat B’Elanna was talking about.

“I’m just glad you didn’t come down with a case of writer’s block.” AMEN TO THAT ALWAYS. Janeway writing a Western or a detective story?! Count me in! Yes!

“The Raven”. I love that Janeway the scientist is also into art—and that she’s commenting on da Vinci being both an artist “and a scientist as well”. Yes, thank you, I would always like more interdisciplinary content and discussion in my escapism!

“Scientific Method”

“And have you been getting enough sleep?” “More or less. Mostly less.” Janeway, you are brilliant. Also shoulders. Your shoulders. Are, uhm. Brilliant. And the faces you’re making are not helping anything at all. Janeway in a towel. In a towel. Towel towel. Janeway in a towel. That is all.

Yeah. Making out against a series of touchscreens seems intelligent. | Oh ye gods. The pointing finger of doom. Janeway needs someone under her towel to release some of that built-up tension.

Old!Chakotay reminds me of Raymond’s father in Everyone Loves Raymond. Ahahaha. An old person complain-off! They sound like me.

“Good morning Captain.” “That is a matter of opinion.” GPOY.

“Year of Hell Pt 1” Ahh. I see there has been a change of hair! No more rolled locks then, eh? Teehee. I love the little flippy thing it does when she dramatically falls over.

NOOOOO THE LUCKY TEACUP. | “The Titanic? As far as I know, it sank.” Did it now, Janeway? You should ask kellychambliss. She knows all about it.

May 20th is Janeway's birthday. I’ll have to mark that in my mind.

“Part 2.” I should be all concerned with the shite that’s going on and action and Voyager being destroyed to hell. Instead I’m all “Janeway hair FLIP FLOP FLIP FLOP FLIP!” This is why no one will watch television with me.

All right so that bit is actually upsetting. Burns super suck. My poor fierce baby! …but she’s in a tank top. I’m conflicted now.

“I’ll consider [the scars] mementoes.” And this is another reason that I love you.

“What do you think [of the pocket watch from Chakotay]?” “Handsome.” Yes, yes yes yes to women and things for/on women being Handsome. And laskdjfhglaskdjfgh how much do I ship Janeway with tank tops, high-waisted trousers, and pocket watches? Lots of stuff is happening and I still just want to ruffle my fingers through her hair.

ALSKDJFHG. The hug and then Seven putting Tuvok’s hand at her elbow! I love this show. And women. And Captains who adore their ships and wear pocket watches. But now I have to go to work and that is sad. Voyager, I’ll be back soon-ish. Don’t let anything exciting happen while I’m away.

Back from work and far too many errands. Time to relax and enjoy Janeway’s great tracts of land in a tank top!

Damn she is a BAMF. For someone who wants nothing to do with time travel whatsoever, she really can rock it. And now she won’t remember any of her recent BAMFery. Ah well—all’s well that ends well.

Teeheehee Janeway’s face when she says “Dismissed” as Seven is already walking away.

Have to love a wet Janeway. | Awwwr at Janeway’s outfit. Although she looks much shorter in a dress, somehow.

“There’s a mechanical woman inside!” Yes, da Vinci, that is Janeway’s partner, Voyager. One of her partners, anyway.

Last year you got a little lightheaded, Janeway? No, Neelix, I don’t think you should change anything at all. I would like a repeat performance, please.

“Having fun?” “No.” “That’s probably because you’re standing here by yourself.” Janeway, fix it; show her some fun. You’re already halfway there with that top as unbuttoned as it is and all your swagger. (alsdjkfhglakjsdhg Janeway swagger. Can we just… alsdjkfgh for a moment.) These two women standing next to each other is almost more than I can handle.

“Waking Moments”

“Resistance is futile.” Well, that wouldn’t be all bad…

D’awwr, poor Tuvok and the old nightmare. Janeway nudging B’Elanna! So cute.

“I don’t suppose I should ask why you were undressed…” “I would prefer that you didn’t.” I love these two.

“Message in a Bottle”

Sassy sassy sassy medical hologram!


Neelix, I would punch you. If I want to finish my work before reading a letter I damn well can!

My heart hurts for you, Janeway. But it also acknowledges that reading fanfic from this point in canon on no longer has to come with any sort of guilt or rationalisation.

“Uch, two sugars?!” Now now. We don’t all go running into nebulae for coffee, Janeway; no reason to get so judgmental.

It is a strange world, when people like Kathryn Janeway get a Dear John letter, even if it does make sense in the grander scheme of things.

No safety net, eh? Yes. Bring on the fanfic.


“I think we’ve established that traditional disciplinary actions don’t work with you.” Well then, Janeway, you’ll just have to get creative now, won’t you?

“But you have to start understanding the difference between having an impulse and acting on it.” You’re seem conflicted and slightly pleased about Seven popping the bloke on the nose there, Janeway, and you’re standing awfully close with plenty of eye contact. I think you’re having an impulse you’re not acting on this very minute. Well done.

Now I mostly want to know what the frak actually happened. Weird Borg PTSD, okay…

Definitely not starting a two-parter when I have work tomorrow. To bed with me. Well, not with me, alas, Janeway and Seven shall stay only on my computer for I have no holodeck. *Mourns everything.*

“The Killing Game: Part 1”

What is self-control when it’s the morning and it’s nice to have something to watch as one wants to be in a good mood as she putters around in the morning?

“Stimulating” indeed. Seven singing. Janeway dressed to the nines. Now I ship Janeway with bow-ties, too, shocking absolutely no one. Until this moment I have not once wanted to don a white bow-tie (despite watching Downton Abbey) but now I am incredibly tempted, especially knowing I went to my National Honor Society induction with hair similar to Janeway’s and in a bow-tie.

I don’t want this bit to end; bless you hunters, damn you hunters.

“As you wish.” And now I’ve got The Princess Bride implications suddenly in my mind. What an interesting Monday morning.

How much do I love that in this simulation/show two of the people involved in the resistance are women, and speaking about strategy?

Alskdjhgasklhg this episode. Can’t deal with the idea of Janeway and the Voyager crew on resistance in France playing at being merely a bar.

Janeway and Seven in all black. This is a beautiful sight, oh my goodness, stunning. Yes please. Indeed, Janeway, you were pointing a gun at your secret lover friend and subordinate.

Ugh now I have to read a section of a book before the next part. I have snacks and everything.

“The Killing Game: Part 2”

I love that Janeway and Seven are the only ones who are awake and aware.

Also, less-than-sudden realisation: I suck at watching for plot. It’s all interesting enough to hold my attention, I suppose, but it’s certainly not what I watch for! Not when there are so many distracting things… Hmm.

“Vis a Vis”

“If you can carry out an adult conversation without all the histrionics…” Top 10 things to say to a woman, Tom. Impressive. That one’s bound to get you everywhere on a ship with that many women.

“The Omega Directive”

Man, I wish I could plan a day like Seven of Nine. My to-do lists are pants compared to her schedule.

Love Seven stating that the complications are difficult and Janeway must join in. Women and science, yes always.

“You know I’m not trying to stop you from finding perfection.” That’s good. ‘cause you’re both looking at perfection.

And women talking about spirituality in regards to science. Holy fucking shit I love this show. (Enough to give some proper cussing, apparently; my brain just shut down into wibbly-wobbly keysmashing there for a moment.) Especially given they’re talking about it so close and in such an endearing atmosphere. This show should be retitled “How to Blow the Bechdel Test Out of Orbit”.


Well that was an interesting and awkward love plot. Talk about working in circles.

“Living Witness”

Oh no. The hair. The voice. Is that Janeway? …yup. Well. There’s something to get used to. Eh. I find I’m more upset by the black gloves against black uniform; she looks like a Sith (oops Star Wars reference).

At least the haircut reminds me of one of my favourite literary characters. I think I can deal.

Oooooh evil Janeway! This is looking like a fun episode. Why do I always love a good evil!AU?

D’awwwr good ol’ non-evil Janeway hair is back. (Interesting, though, that the way to make a woman look more evil is to crop up her hair. Hmm.)

Another awwwwr at the ending.


“I know your bond with Seven is unique, different from everyone else’s. From the beginning you’ve seen things in her that no one else could…” Chakotay sees it. My brain keeps going “so gay” every time I see Janeway and Seven. Pffft so what if I see chemistry between Janeway and way too many things. Omnishipper! Om nom nom nom.

Also, I prefer it when Janeway tucks her hair behind her ears.

“…but maybe you could help me understand some of those things.” “I don’t know if I can; it’s just instinct. There’s something inside me that says she can be redeemed, in spite of her insolent attitude.” I’m going to sit and contemplate that ‘something inside’, Janeway, and don’t you try to deny you just have every confidence in your disciplinary abilities and fondness for utilising them. *Coughs.*

What would I do with a month to myself? I think I would Read All the Books, write letters to all of my friends with the ramblings of my mind (one to you of course, dearest queen_of_snapes!), write, watch far too many things. Holodeck if I were on Voyager—perhaps a different holiday spot every day.

Oops. I just made an accidental squeak/squeal sound out loud upon that red dress catching me by surprise. I’m glad my housemates don’t know why I uttered it; they’d tease me senseless. Strange cut for a dress there at the cleavage, but the material is nice enough… And there are arms.

So. Wow. Okay. Seven is one of my new heroes beyond what she was before. It’s funny how much some of those scenes affected me, given that I suffered from for what by most definitions would be the opposite: social anxiety. But the hallucinations (or in my case, imaginings) were similar for me when around people, rather than alone; I found my comfort in the solitude the way she does in community. To still be able to do all that and save the day, potentially at the cost of her own lone self, with all those feelings and fears… Pretty impressive, Seven. And you almost told a joke there.

“Hope and Fear”

AAAAH watching two women game—in a sporting way!

“You are a frustrating opponent.” Yes, Seven, in a number of ways. I’d be fairly distracted myself. *Laughs.* Well, that game is over for now. I’ll just imagine a different behind-the-scenes sport, shall I, one that comes with multiple winners?

“…if [Seven]’s in the mood.” You’d know all about that one, Janeway.

“Problems?” “I don’t know if she’s restless or if it’s just me, but we’re butting head more than usual.” UST, Janeway. You need to do more Resolving. “She seems to challenge everything I say.” Ah! I’ve got a fix-it for that one too: more Doing.

“Good man, fine officer, bit of a windbag…” There’s the Janeway humour I love.

I do sort of adore the way Janeway is always gripping shoulders. As a short person I always end up with arms and hands on my shoulders (or even head), which is fine enough, but I’d never thought to do it back. Perhaps I may. Though I’d have to stop perpetually carrying something in both hands…

“I’m your Captain. That means I can’t always be your friend. Understand?” I have seen gifs and images of this on tumblr for years and fangirled over it. I AM WATCHING IT NOW. This brings me so much joy.

“Well it’s nice to know you’ve taken some of my advice to heart.” Her adorable little smile! Alsdjkfghalsdkfgh.

THIS EPISODE THOUGH. I can tell I’ll be watching it again some time. For now, though, must get things done—and do some lesson-planning. *Wrinkles nose.*

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