Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

This is mostly for Queenie. I was watching Voyager quite a bit during my housesitting stint recently and apparently on one of the days I felt like jotting down random thoughts through random episodes.

"Really? I beat out a single-celled organism? How flattering!" Janeway, you and your science are far too hot, even--or especially?--shutting down a ridiculous, obnoxious omnipotent being.

Just for the record, I must state that I adore Janeway snark. Especially scientific Janeway snark.

Can I ship Janeway and spiritual quests? (And shoulders. Mmmm.) That was pretty hilarious. Especially since one of my Da's favourite quotes is "everything is empty and meaningless, and the fact that that is true is also empty and meaningless" often followed by "Kiwi, what does that mean?" I've been chirping back "you create your own meaning!" for years now.

Different episode. I was also just about to say I ship Janeway with turtlenecks, but then she removed that as well, so now I must say I ship her with tank tops even more. Especially when it's hot. Good gods, she's hot. AND SHE'S GOING ALL SIGOURNEY WEAVER IN ALIEN! alskjdfhglaskjdfhg scientists are sexy.

And now for something completely different:

Oh man. I'm not sure what I would do if B'Elanna Torres bit my face looking like that. Paris, sir, you have my respect for the moment. But also whoa morally grey area. Like, would you risk grey consent of someone saying "yes" in the moment who may say "no" in other moments if it means saving her life, because who knows when you'll get back to the others and if she'll survive that long?

Also, what counts as Sex for pon farr?

Back to re-watching Boys on the Side (since tetleythesecond inadvertently gave me homework) and multitasking.

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