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01 January 2015 @ 12:01 am


Daily Life
  • Try to keep up a daily evening schedule of tidying, meditation, journaling, gratitude jar, and reading.

Assessment: Did pretty well, actually. Not every day--and I've faltered near the end with my bad headspace--but my gratitude jar is quite full. I started doing "daily do lists" that often work well.

  • Work on at least one story every week; try to write 5,000 words.
  • Edit and post one story a week.
  • Finish the Minerva novel.

Assessment: No, absolutely not. I added 50k words to the Minerva novel but it's not finished; I did well with writing a few other things, but what I really wanted to do was start posting things outside of fests, and I didn't.

  • Read an average of 1 book per week, or 52 books in the year.

Assessment: Done!

  • Gym once a week.

Assessment: I went any time I was invited, but as I don't have enough for a gym membership and hate the YMCA, I was pretty limited. Made an attempt.

  • Properly clean room at least once a month.

Assessment: I didn't see if it was consistently clean once a month, but I've been pleased with the way I've been continuing to organise my little cupboard over the stairs. I even reorganised it.

  • Music video to YouTube once a month.

Assessment: No. To be fair, I've been waiting on a tripod that would work with my camera, and that hasn't happened. I wanted to get back into 'here is my face!' updates before trying to put up any music again.

  • Get a cookbook you like.
  • Try something new from it once a week.

Assessment: Hahaha no. I got a few cookbooks that I'm sure will be plenty useful when I start, you know, using them. I did make my first ever proper dish for a potluck--so that's some progress?

  • Draw at least one thing a week.
  • At least 12 more finished pieces by the end of the year—one a month.

Assessment: I definitely didn't get down one thing a week or one finished piece a month (none of those), but I started drawing again and got back in the habit of carrying a sketchbook, which I think is an achievement after years of a dry spell.

Overall, as my first year with resolutions, not totally pants. I'll give it another shot.

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Current Music: Stormy Weather - Etta James