Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Please excuse my cussing.

Damn fucking fucked-to-no-end motherfucking COMPUTER VIRUSES. ARGHH! You deserve a level of Hell spawned for only you and your inconsiderate, time-destroying, pus-festering creators. I've got my money on the next zombie apocalypse starting up with some sort of computer virus.

Today I got to feel like real adult for a while. Got up the willpower to leave bed even through the strong desire to spend the rest of my life hugging my teddy bears and rocking. Ate well enough, watching that I eat actual intended servings and everything. Walked up and down a main street in town going in every place to politely and competently ask about employment opportunities (and dealing well with the unavoidable in-person 'rejections' at many such places); collected the applications in a little file-folder I bought for that purpose. Attended a committee meeting and talked about the service I am coordinating with the youth group (as an adviser) for this Sunday. Stopped home to return something to my mother and pick up some old things of Big Doc's. Put oil and windshield wiper fluid in the car (with the help of my mother). Didn't wait until the last possible moment to work on something.

But what do I find when I walk upstairs at the end of the day to enjoy an hour of Internet-faffing before sleep?

A fucking no-real-computer-function virus. Which, fine, I'd be willing to wipe clean and restore in an instant--but now my external hard drive is acting up, too. Not in a way it's never done before, so I'm still hopeful, but AUGH SO COMPLETELY NOT WHAT I NEEDED.

I'm coming to terms with it a little more each moment; still, grrrgh. It'd suck to lose some of the stuff I've collected on that thing through the years, even if much of the stuff I really value I can get other places (my iPod, my memstick, my Facebook page). I'm crossing my fingers.

Not a great start to what will be a reasonably stressful weekend time on its own.

[Crossposted from dreamwidth.]
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