Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

I have been reminded that I actually had two videos to post up. You'll just have to put up with more of me, I'm afraid! You lot are troupers.

The other night I was just sitting here at my computer catching up on some YouTube when I suddenly thought, "I could vlog! It would be easy! I have an awesome faerie-lit room and a fake fireplace to put the tripod on! I'm wearing a bow-tie!" And with that glorious understanding, the bow-tie perhaps most important of all, I filmed and edited a vlog (that's 'video log', so you'll have to put up with my face, too, you sorry lot).

It's mostly to catch up on my life over the last two and some years. You all will likely know it already, so you certainly don't have to watch.

I sound funny. That's something you'll just have to get over, I'm afraid; you won't even be close to the first if you tell me how funny I sound. I'm an Atlantic Ocean mermaid, alright? Some creatures speak the languages of Middle-earth; I speak the dialect of Middle-pond, which sounds better under water. So we're all clear with that? Clear as mud? Jubbly. On with the show!

Now, I don't know if you've ever sat down and thought "gee, I'd love to see a lesbian in a bow-tie playing the Harry Potter theme song," but if you have then this video is for you. Notice I did not say "playing the Harry Potter theme song well" so I make no promise of quality. I hadn't played in more than six months, as I mention in the video; I'm rusty!

Also, watch me completely and utterly fail to roll up my sleeves a number of times despite that I've been doing it since I was an ickle tyke-dyke. Also, the faces I pull when I make mistakes.

It's likely that seeing myself in a bow-tie has proven to remind me of something else: a dear friend of mine (who is surprisingly not a housemate), a housemate, and I were talking about cosplaying Harry Potter the other day. (It was partially in reference to MistiCon, or at least it started with that.) My dear friend said, "Now of course we'll want to get you everything else Minerva McGonagall, because you're you, but I could really see you as Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank." (My squeeful fandom heart went crazy there, since even a number of people in fandom don't remember her, and this isn't even someone I met through Harry Potter.) I got very happy but felt forced to say, "I'd love that, but I don't have short-cropped grey hair!" To which she immediately replied, "Oh, we'll shove it under a hat and no one will know! We have to do this!"

Not likely to happen any time soon, but the fact that a real-life friend up and told me without fishing or prompting that I'd make a good Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank filled my heart with fannish glee. She agrees I'd make a spot-on Hermione Granger (to her Harry Potter) and a great Madam Rosmerta, too, but knows also that I love going into lady-gentleman waters just as much or even more.

Now you lot can be free of me again! Escape while you can!

[Crossposted from dreamwidth.]
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