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02 October 2012 @ 05:51 pm
For a temporary break from the rest of life...

I think I've posted Nellie McKay's "Mother of Pearl" before, but I'm posting it here again for reasons that will very soon become clear.

A while back I was playing it pretty frequently on my ukulele so I did one of my odd after-midnight-recording-sessions. I think I may have posted that here, too, although the link was a bit wonky. While I was house-sitting the other night and chatting with Dueltastic, I finally got my (terrible, free) video-editing software to work enough to put in my intro video, the song, and some random pictures. It's not a very good video--I'd love to do a pseudo music video some day--but it was something to put up on my Youtube channel, which I hadn't touched in ages.

Finally worked up the guts to put it on Facebook a few minutes ago so I thought I might as well put it up here too. My general disclaimer: I am not, in any formal way, a singer. I once hid under the bleachers during a school choir event; I think I did the school a favour.

(I changed the end to "Mitt Romney" as an Anti-Romney thing, putting him in with the group of people who think of feminists what the song is satirising. It seemed to fit current politics a bit more.)

Alright. Running away now. Back to some productivity before my Worship Committee meeting later this evening.