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12 September 2012 @ 04:00 pm
20 21 slots down at hoggywartyxmas sign-ups with dear Horace Slughorn.

...no one happens to be especially skilled at Divinations around here, hmm?

Skilled enough to tell me how my Big Move later this month will go, how my job hunt will go, how my settling into life in a new city will go--settling into a house that is almost a city, with 10 very social people plus guests, 8 cats, a rabbit and a young ferret? How able I'll be to wrap my head around the idea of a new story--and goodness gracious, the writing of it? Or if I'll fall back into a pit of Writer's Insecurity and Writer's Despair, since I'm only half-way out of the last one I plummeted into?

What's that you say? No, you can't, just as you can't See even with your trained Inner Eye into the Great Beyond of a Fest, mystical and magical things that they are?

Ah. Sigh. Neither can I. Never can, in fact, although I usually have a bit less planned for the holiday season than I do presently.

But it seems that everyone's managed to sign up--even some who didn't think they'd manage--and 2012 is an apocalypse year, according to some historical Seers of Sybill's ilk. Nothing else to do in an apocalyptic year than party with dear friends (physical and fictional).

My brother just brought me food for no reason at all. Surely that is a kind herald to the gifts to come (chips/fries are very important in the science of Divination, you know). And winter is my season...

Alright, alright. Yesterday I didn't think I'd sign up out of fear that my story would be sub-par with my officially moving to a new place and more hectic pace and out of my decision not to join fests this year--but two others managed to find excuses, too. In the end, a year with 3 fests when one intended to join none at all is still reasonable: it only amounts to a quarter of a fest every month, after all.

Okay then. I've talked myself into it. If I feel like I'm dying of everything hectic in a few months, point me back here and tell me it's no one's fault but mine.

ETA: 22 down with my sign-up comment. Not sure why I'm still holding my breath. Good, there, a breath. Really acknowledging this Future Thing now. Hopefully HoggyWarty will be a calming influence in what will otherwise likely be a busy and somewhat frightening time full of change... Nerrrrrrves. Oh, Wilhelmina, please guide me through this winter!

Running Edit: 23, 7 left 24, 6 left 25, 5 left 26, 4 left 28, 2 left
minervas_eule: Go to Blazesminervas_eule on September 12th, 2012 09:10 pm (UTC)
I am foreseeing a very exciting fall and winter for you in Providence :-) ...* Don't worry: what you fear will be not difficult, but things you don't plan on will surprise you...* (end of prediction) ;-)
Kiwi Crocus: Text || Fail again fail better.cranky__crocus on September 12th, 2012 09:14 pm (UTC)
I am foreseeing a very exciting fall and winter for me in Providence, too! It will certainly be exciting, whatever else it is. (: And I'll be back to bicycling around, which should be exciting... Have to get some bike locks!

*Grins.* Thank you for the prediction! If only what I fear will not be difficult... I think it will, a bit, but that it will be worth it. I certainly think that things I don't plan on will surprise me! Providence is a very surprising place. :P
tt: Um... hello?twisted_twister on September 12th, 2012 09:50 pm (UTC)
Eight cats, a rabbit and a ferret? Make sure you have a metal trunk, and never EVER leave your earphones/laptop charger/mobile charger/ANY wired electronics unattended. Also, if you have a wireless mouse or whatever, lock those, too. Rabbits eat cables and wires, ferrets steal and hide mouses and other small devices. I suppose what damage cats can do (puke on your stuff?) you already know.

Good to see you joining the Mug Club. We can always share Writer's insecurity together. If I can pretend I can write and join the fun, so can you - who proved already to have written recced fic.
Kiwi Crocus: HP || McMin || Wheelchair paper.cranky__crocus on September 12th, 2012 09:55 pm (UTC)
Oh, those critters stay OUT of my room unless I'm there! I have a strict door-closed policy for whenever there is no one in the room. I've had one thing puked on (I left it for guests to use in the living room) and I won't be repeating that again; once it's cleaned it'll stay in my closet whenever it isn't being used. The rabbit and the ferret I'm not so worried about since the rabbit doesn't like leaving her cage and is on the first floor; the ferret is on the second floor and only comes around with strict supervision.

I do have a metal trunk, though! It's rainbow. :D

Yes, sharing Writer's Insecurity together often seems the best way to deal with it. You can write! I've read the proof myself. (:

I have a few non-fest stories I'd like to write, so I suppose I should work on at least one of those before Hoggywarty assignments go out. Especially since I already have three-and-something thousand words of it done. Though it's one of those fics that I have no outline for in my head, I'm just writing whatever pops into my head as I go along.
woldywoldy on September 12th, 2012 10:12 pm (UTC)
Gosh, your new living arrangement sounds almost like Hogwarts, minus the toad and murderous DADA teacher.
Kiwi Crocus: Fantasy || Unicorn hug.cranky__crocus on September 12th, 2012 10:19 pm (UTC)
Very much like Hogwarts, with me in a little room up at the top (I have called it the "little cupboard-tower over the stars"). I'm leaving the toad at my family home; the other day my family and I were watching television together and this one little toad hopped right across the playroom floor. I took it back outside--how no idea how it found its way inside, either. :P

I hope to give the murderous DADA teacher a miss altogether, but if that doesn't work I suppose I could try sweet-talking some centaurs...
therealsnape: txt Writing Fanfic is my Therapytherealsnape on September 13th, 2012 06:49 am (UTC)
I'm overjoyed you signed up - it wouldn't be the same without you. And never mind the screaming story insecurity. We've all been there. I've recently sent a half-written story to dear Tetley, basically asking whether I should even finish; would anyone want to read the rest of the drivel? She said that yes, she might want to read the rest, which gave me piece of mind enough to scribble on.
Kiwi Crocus: HP || Sprout || OLSB.cranky__crocus on September 13th, 2012 07:04 am (UTC)
Thank you. (: I realised as I was out sunbathing today (me, sunbathing!) that I wasn't quite sure I'd feel able to face you squarely in October if I hadn't managed the courage to sign up for your fest, given it's one of my absolute top favourites!

My insecurity hasn't been screaming quite at its usual wailing level lately, although part of that is that I haven't been writing much. I suppose it's the sort of dull oh-do-you-really-think-you-can-write-that?-go-and-have-some-tea-instead sort of insecurity rather than the raving you're-utter-crap-you-know-just-go-and-ask-Rita (which, I do try to argue, is a bit like asking Trelawney how well I did at predicting my next event of personal doom--she wouldn't know).

I'm glad you were at least able to send out your half-finished story! I don't quite have the courage for that. I do hope we all get to see it at some point, though. (: The world becomes a sadder place for every Real Snape story we don't get to read!