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09 September 2012 @ 01:55 am
Wow. For me, "TDL" has always stood for "To Do List" - a list of the things that need doing.

Recently I watched a YouTube video by Hannah Hart (you may know her from My Drunk Kitchen) who discussed her use of the "To Done List" - a list of things one does during a day.

To Do Lists can occasionally be intimidating and frightening; they can be one more way (as with a failed "To Do Today" list) that a person doesn't measure up.

To Done Lists, however...motivational. Everything counts. Got up at an almost reasonable hour? Check! Put on something other than boxers? Check! Remembered the existence of deodorant--and put it on? Check! Shooed dog off laundry to get to laundry? Check again!

It made me want to do things so I could put them down and check them off, instead of giving me this list that feels pressuring and slows me down. Plus, things like "go outside to enjoy the wind and pick up a very red leaf" got to count because they're good for my brain and body and they're things I did.

Which means that, unlike the previous days of getting nothing done and feeling terrible, I got lots done today. Two pages of checking things off. ("Got straight out of bed - almost jauntily [WHAT?]") Did an almond-and-essential-oils treatment on my hair, tidied my room (with dancing), wrote cheques, organised/cleared off my desk, serenaded my dog, did my laundry and my brother's (also ewww, new respect for anyone who has ever done a boy's or man's laundry), exercised some, cleaned my dog's face and teeth, found and called a bicycle repair place, took my bike out of the garage and hosed it down, prepared for tomorrow's service, and set up my brother's old desktop so I can finally use it. With other fun stuff. Much of it was in about 5 hours, too.

I am in shock. Now I have a lovely rainbow-lined list of joy.

To Done List, indeed.

I am also completely knackered, so it's off to bed with me. Yawn! Hope all your days were great! Still catching up to old entries, so hopefully tomorrow after church/bicycle repair/bathroom cleaning/gutter cleaning with my brother I'll be able to catch up on the more recent stuff.

Sweet dreams!
101mutts: Elphaba101mutts on September 9th, 2012 05:56 pm (UTC)
This incites the interest of my behaviorist brain! Glad it worked for you! I might try a column of my white board next to my To Do List. I find the To Do List useful for not forgetting important stuff or not worrying that I'll forget x because it's on my TDL. :>