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06 September 2012 @ 12:34 am
I lied. There's more from me, as I've realised. But that last entry was short so I feel NO GUILT (mwuahahaha?). Oh, drat, Dweeb has a friend over; lemme go put on pants.

  • Had to rescue pants from The Pug, who decided the best thing to do was to roll around on them and huffle (he's a Hufflepuff). Threw his bone to distract him and accidentally threw it straight into Dweeb's room, distracting him and his friend. Good thing I had time to put the pants on. (His friend said, "I thought you might have thrown something, but I didn't want to accuse you of anything." "Oh, always accuse me of mischief; I've usually done it.")

  • Had a moment of "D'awr, I'm going to miss living across the corridor from my little brother" but then I walked into the loo and had to fix the loo roll after it jumped off the wall and brutally attacked me. I realised, as I put it back up the way my mother likes it and I detest it, that at the end of the month when I'm Really In The Providence House, I get to have toilet paper with the tail UNDER the roll. So these things are a balance of pros and cons. I’m not sure if “not living with my brother” and “get to keep the loo roll the way I like it” should have equal footing, but in that moment they did.

  • I have a petsitting job pet-sitting 8 animals (4 dogs, 4 cats) over 3 nights in October (not long before the Fandom Funhouse times), which is wonderful because a) I love the critters; b) I love the two women; and c) they pay me waaaaay too much to sit around with awesome animals.

  • I've been brewing too many potions on Pottermore. Now my laptop (Aspen) is thankfully glitching enough that I can't, so I am temporarily free of my obsession. I actually have index cards (two per potion) with the written instructions on them so I don't have to take the time to look at the scroll for directions. Apparently I'm a swot in fake!school, too... But Snape wouldn't like me 'cause I realised, with my glitching and lagging laptop, that placing things properly took too much time; instead I just throw them across the screen and let them smoke or glob or whatever. What a mess. Potions would be much easier in real life, with two hands.

  • SPEAKING OF HARRY POTTER (as I often am), MY PODFIC WENT UP! I only noticed, like, less than an hour ago haha. But it means that I successfully participated in a fest without my good fandom friend (♥ featherxquill) knowing that I had chosen her story. Even when we discussed the fest and how to use the software we were both using. I'm tempted to get into Podfic'ing more, but I'm not going to allow myself until more of my fandom writing is online and reposted—and when I’ve got my act together with participating fully in fests again. Anyway, the story itself is an awesome story, so feel free to listen just for that! My voice is a strange hybridisation because I am a transatlantic mermaid.

  • I was Sorted. Kinda.

I screamed and threw my hands up over my head to make it go away. Then I got super sad because I really didn't want to go through Pottermore getting the Gryffindor perspective again; seeing Percy show up to tell us all about how Gryffindor was Teh Bestest Evar made me want to kick him in the face. I was further angered by the fact that it turned the Pottermore interface red, which was really the final straw as red is my pain colour (I instinctively put it on when I’m in bad pain, without thinking) and seeing it in large amounts makes me feel icky. I had decided a while back that I would create another account for 11-year-old me; I did that immediately and went through the chapters again (very quickly, and even got a few items I hadn't before).

Which made a little sense, given how I ended up there. :P I was immediately much happier when my interface turned green (favourite colour!), I got a new Prefect I had never met, and I learned that in the Slytherin common room I get to look out the window and watch mermaids! (I think my picking "mermaids" as my creature of most interest was one of the thing that put me there, honestly.) Was peeved that I wouldn't be allowed to bring anyone else from any other House back, though; Hogwarts-aged Kiwi would not have been a fan of that rule at all. Falling asleep to the sound of water lapping against the window, though…yes. When I was 11, I used to go swimming and daydream that I lived in a big bubble under the lake; sometimes I was a mermaid.

It all made me think, mostly, about how amused and relieved I was. I'm glad that, after successfully getting Sorted into a non-Gryffindor House on my second go, I found I no longer felt overly affected. I had worried I would--which may sound silly, but Harry Potter has been in my life since I was 8 and my Brit of a father first read it to my family, so I didn't want any of it to feel the slightest bit ruined. Especially given how much of a ball I've had reading Harry Potter gender-swapped.

It's funny that I got Gryffindor with the "now-me" (I'm nearly positive I know what answer put me there the most; but I can be noble and be in a different House) when it's the House I'd least want to be in and that I got Slytherin as the "11-year-old me" (again nearly positive which question mostly put me there; but I could investigate something without being foolhardy or frightened and be in a different House) when it's the House I would have cried over then but now don't mind. I think some of it has to do with keeping the Houses similarly populated on Pottermore really (given the House Cup), so I'm not too bothered now that my interface isn’t sodding red and that I get perspective from another house. Now I'm tempted to see if I can get an account in each House just by answering as myself. I started wondering about what kind of Sorting software my Da could write, too.

I still feel mostly like a Ravenpuff, even if I was Sorted Gryfferin: the Internet can't be magic the way a fictional magic hat can be. At 11, I was a Hufflepuff with a strong imagination and not-particularly-academic intelligence; as an early teen, perhaps Slytherin with my arrogant pride masking insecurity, my loyalty to the friends I chose, my considerable ambition with the cunning to achieve it, and my growing delight in mischief; as a mid-teen, perhaps Gryffindor while standing up for my new friends against bullies and lifting my chin as high as I could through considerable adversity during already difficult years; and as an older teen, perhaps Ravenclaw with my grade-hound academic intelligence, playful wit, and friendly imagination--all combined with the qualities I had acquired since childhood.

So what am I? A mo-fo'in' rainbow, that's what. Who knows what the dear old Hat would see and say. I think the House I would have been most consistently happy in through all seven years of Hogwarts, and the one that would have served me best (and I it) for what I most value, is Hufflepuff. I do best in life--feel the most courageous and chivalrous, strive to my highest ideals and ambitions with the greatest success, live my life in the most imaginative and intelligent ways--when I am surrounded by those who are fair, loyal, hard-working, welcoming, and diverse (“teach the lot”). I think that's the sort of potential that the Sorting Hat would see. Hufflepuff.

And that's despite how much I hate yellow. Reminds me of the sun (I’m a moon gal). I have always been rather fond of black, though... (Funnily enough, I think if Hogwarts weren't a boarding school--as my Da's school wasn't, despite having four houses--then I'd probably be Ravenclaw through and through. It's the fact that Hogwarts encompasses more than just the school day--however many hours I spend doing homework--that makes me think the Sorting wouldn't be so easy. I'm a Ravenclaw with any sort of learning and definitely in much of my brain functioning, but I think my heart is something else. What weighs heavier?)

This feels like one of those times in which a person thinks ze doesn't know what outcome ze would like and flips a coin (or some equivalent), only to find that when Lady Luck has chosen, that option seems disappointing--and that the other was what ze wanted all along. Not that I'm surprised. I've felt Ravenpuffish for ages; I'm not even sure much has changed, and it shouldn't matter much anyway, but it feels a bit different. Perhaps just because it's been this Energised Harry Potter THING and until recently I was avoiding it. (Part of my desire, too, is to someday own some Hogwarts stuff--but it's difficult to do so without having a House. So many of my Potter friends, RL and online, feel settled in where they would end up; it usually feels fitting, too. I've been looking for that, however silly given it's entirely hypothetical. It was the same with my thoughts of daemons from Philip Pullman's novels: when would mine have settled into one form?)

I'm glad Pottermore hasn't changed much for me, the way I feared it would when I first saw blinding red flash across my screen. I can't pretend this type of stuff doesn't have the potential to touch me too strongly. As I mentioned, I was 8 when I was introduced to the series: part of me will always be an excited little 8-year-old girl waiting to be Sorted as I open up the first book or anything to do with it--or 11 when I watched the first film and felt as though I was really going to Hogwarts to be Sorted and be magical, sod all the Muggle children making my life miserable. It isn't entirely a coincidence that I ended up at a high school with greenhouses and animals, 3 majors (plus academics, which often felt like a major), and a small, close-knit body of students and staff. I am absolutely of the Harry Potter generation.

All that said, though, I'm having a grand time in Slytherin as well. I somehow feel I'm cheating that 'no one from other Houses' rule, even if I Sorted in thanks to mermaids and a momentary pause before action. If I let my sneakier side out for a while, I do apologise. A little.

Sorry for the navel-gazing! This has all been on my mind since Pottermore was announced. Glad that part of my life's sorted and can be over now so I can continue my delusion of being a post-Hogwarts witch! Plus, all of that stuff above is positive rather than beating myself up. The fact that I’m able to think it all and post it means that I’m in a very good place. (:

Reminded me of that wrock (witch-rock) song I’ve been thinking about since Pottermore was announced that I actually wrote a long time ago and recorded a very informal (spliced-together practise session) of about four months ago.

"If You Sort Me"

I had a feeling I wasn’t lying when those chorus lines popped into my head and wouldn’t leave. I seldom find myself needing to write a song, but this one I did. I posted the lyrics a long while back and a little link of the recording since then, but I thought I’d post again. The lyrics are on the soundcloud page; I suppose it’s almost a perverse version of the Sorting Hat songs…

I was Sorted Gryffindor and I screamed.

Potterhead alert, Potterhead alert...

Not that anyone's allowed to judge me for how my Post-Potter Depression shows itself when I've been a Potterhead for more than half my life. :B 64% of my life I've been a Potterhead!

And to think that if unicorns had been on the creatures list, I may well have been in Sparklypoo.
minervas_eule: Minerva's Euleminervas_eule on September 6th, 2012 07:02 am (UTC)
I still remembered your Sorting-Song - so what irony indeed, that you got Gryffindor at first try, and what Slytherin thing of you to do, to pull the "mermaid"-card *LOL*.
Speaking of Hufflepuffs: did you read the sweet story about Tonks, that was reced yesterday ?
Kiwi Crocus: Fantasy || Blue faerie.cranky__crocus on September 6th, 2012 07:12 am (UTC)
Ahaha yup, I think you were the only one who commented! And yes, given there was only 1/4th chance of my getting that reaction (to scream) and the fact that I wrote a song about it to begin with, ironic indeed that it's what I ended up with at first try.

Yes, I thought it was rather Slytherin to be displeased and give it a second thought, so it seemed fitting that that's where I ended up--and I was definitely happier!

I did just read that, actually, and funny you should mention it as I am just working on a rec post! (I am abusing LJ lately since I've been neglecting it, I think.)
CaroRulescarorules on September 6th, 2012 05:57 pm (UTC)
I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy the freedom that living on your own bring!
Kiwi Crocus: Fantasy || Unicorn hug.cranky__crocus on September 6th, 2012 06:28 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, I've lived on my own before, so I already know that I do. (: I remember it pretty clearly still. I mean, one year in England I was in dorms so that doesn't count as much, but then I spent two years living in a rented house buying my own food and cleaning everything, so that was definitely living on my own. I enjoyed it! ...most of the time. :P
CaroRulescarorules on September 6th, 2012 06:31 pm (UTC)
Yeah it'S not always fun and games, but usually, it's awesome!