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04 September 2012 @ 07:31 pm
This is my first time air-drying my hair down/free (instead of back in a plait or pony-plait) in ages. It's strange but I'm enjoying it. My hair goes swish-swish-swish! Does make it a bit frizzier, alas, but the length seems to have weighed down some of the frizz factor.

Anyhoo, trying not to have the attention span of a cat...

I'm re-reading the first Harry Potter to go along with Pottermore. (I have implemented a new rule: for every episode of television I watch, I have to read a chapter/five pages/ten pages of a book [depending on the book]. I'm hoping this will increase my reading again, since I love both books and television but tend to get swept up in one at a time and ignore the other.)

I am reading Harry Potter gender-swapped.

I have a number of trans friends and try to be aware of gendered language in general, so it's been no big deal to flip pronouns, nouns, and some names as I'm reading. It's fascinating, actually! (I have Winifred and Georgette Weasley, Ronelda Weasley, Harriet 'Harry' Potter, Uncle Pat, Aunt Verna...) It's great fun to see all that's happening in the witching world! (Now the majority of the characters we see are female. Except for dear Hermon Granger, of course.)

Seeing the interaction between Dumbledore and McGonagall at the beginning with their genders switched is quite interesting indeed. And oh, we have a female Prime Minister now, too!

Anyway, it's been quite a ball. I also have a wand on Pottermore now.

Answering my wand questions. I'm tall for my age, right? (I'm not sure how fond I am of this factoring in anyway. :B)

Short for my age, hazel eyes, even day birthday, pride in imagination, fear-of-darkness-but-not-really, off to the forest with me, and golden key 'cause even if it doesn't open much it's a great accessory. :D

Yew, phoenix feather core, eleven inches, 'surprisingly swishy'.

I think my wand is accusing me of being camp. My wand is absolutely correct.

Touch funny to give a flighted bird core (known for 'flight of the phoenix' no less) to a gul* named after a flightless bird. Oh, Phoenix gives my wand personality of its own and makes it act of its own accord? How fun! I'll feel less silly talking to it like I do most inanimate (or for it, probably animate) objects. I hope we're great friends, yew.

Yew means I'm unusual? That...may be correct. Oh my, having a wand wood with a particularly dark reputation...guess I really am not all unicorns, butterflies, and rainbows if the Wands That Be trust me with a yew. Apparently that means I can't be mediocre or timid. So that's something.

Mr Ollivander is a Ravenclaw in Pottermore canon? Interesting.

Now I have to wrap up this collectible I just put on ebay. Then I get to do a chapter on Pottermore and read the Sorting Chapter of Philosopher's Stone. Gah, nervous about getting Sorted. I've now been Sorted into every House by at least one of my good friends.

But what if I'm Sorted Gryffindor?

(No offense, Gryffindors. I'm just itchy to experience something else on Pottermore. And perhaps not end up with the more foolhardy students, as they tended to peeve me most in school...)

* I got annoyed that I couldn't think of a single-syllable non-gendered less-formal English word for just "person" in the same sense of "guy/girl" "lad/lass" "dude/chick" or whatever. So I combined guy and girl, it reminded me of a seagull, and I liked it. I polled Facebook and the best I now have is "mentsh" or "mensch" which is apparently Yiddish for a person of integrity or honour (and "mensch" which is apparently German for human being too?) which does put it in a bit more of a specific context, "cat" from the Jazz age, and the other still-seen-as-gendered-but-perhaps-less-so terms I already had that are often plural(/ised) or imply some sort of previous knowledge of/relationship with a person (mate, pal, chum, folk [wish there were a singular to 'folk' as it'd be perfect], gent, one, fellow, peep, etc). This has been peeving me for a while. I try to get around it by using things like "fellow" but it'd be nice to have a quick one-syllable word for it like those gendered ones above. (I know "dude" and "guy" are often used to be gender-neutral, but they still have a pretty strong connection to masculinity and male genders, I think--too much for what I'm looking for, anyway.) English language, you are making me sad today. Despite the fact that dictionary.com seems to think that I have an excellent grasp of you.
?elsceetaria on September 5th, 2012 08:42 pm (UTC)
I want to reread Potter like that now. I'm pretty sure it would be epic.

My wand is 10" larch with a unicorn core that is unyielding. I think of it as a little pointy stick.

Yeah, Gryffindor, yeah.
Kiwi Crocus: Kiwi || Nalocia with ukulele.cranky__crocus on September 14th, 2012 01:55 am (UTC)
It's pretty darn fun, too! Just switching up the genders completely changes the feel of the book. I mean, having an eccentric female headmaster with a steely-firm male deputy? That's pretty unusual; usually it would be the other way around (possibly because, usually, the steely-firm person would be promoted above the eccentric-but-powerful one, especially if that person is a man; or at least from what I can tell).

Ahaha, little pointy sticks are useful!