Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

D-U-N Done.

I finally finished my entomology project. I'm not THAT proud of it, but I'm at least glad it's done.

I hope it'll scrounge up an A. I think so.

If not, I have a whole term to get the grade up.

It was no bug dwak.

... wow. I sound like Mrs. Cav today. I suppose I miss her a lot. When I couldn't get something I was trying to do I even thought in B squared's voice "Think! T-H-I-M-K, Think!" and laughed.

Wow. Nerd much?

Anyway. Time to do my physics homework and then get some writing done.

Tomorrow I'm hanging out with Mikki. She's gonna pick me up from school and we're going to see a movie.

I'll be dragging Kleppy home with me some day of this week for a sleepover, hopefully.


ETA: The "no bug dwak" thing is even more ironic due to it being a bug project... Can't believe I just caught that. Oh. And "no bug dwak" is translated to "no big deal". Imagine hitting the wrong keys on the keyboard.
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