Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Dear Viroxyn,

You are a pain in the mouth to apply, make me feel all pained-and-numbed at once, make eating very difficult for a half hour, and make me grumpy.

But you also work. So thank you for that.


(I get cold sores. Often if I get one and leave it untreated, I end up with a mouth of painful-itchy cold sores. I really do like my lips being lip-shaped. For that, I use Viroxyn! It requires rubbing a hard scratchy surface over my lips and is no fun at all.)

Also, while thrifting the other day I picked up some new more-dressy trousers (to be filed under both "dykeish" and "dressy") that make my arse wonderful. (As I sometimes say, "cutie patootie".) I have a habit of rushing up to my mother and exclaiming, "Mum, feel my bum!" Which she does, and compliments. A happy Kiwi it doth make. I also do it to my friends because I'm, erm, odd.

I shall probably do it to Arah when I see her in a bit. We decided we didn't have enough time to head to the Renn Faire (it was nearly 2pm; the faire is an hour away and closes at 6) so we're meeting at Panera and then hanging out.

At least I can move my mouth now! ETA: Not very well, apparently. I just spilled Arizona Sweet Tea down my face and neck. This is how to be a grown-up, folks. (I have a drinking problem.)

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