Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

It's September.


(Kiwi, use your Big Girl words.)


I've been up to stuff. Game night with an old high school friend who is now Extra Awesome and her boyfriend (same high school) who is still fantastic; we all table-top Role-Played and I'm the Madam of a brothel who can shoot zombies in the face. Met up with another old friend from high school times (but not my actual high school) for some quick, informal football/soccer in the heat; it was easy to show off since they had smoked. :P Had the less-than-two-hours meeting with my sister but it was lovely and it was the last non-family visit she had before moving the next day, so there's that. I can also visit once I figure out those cheap ways people have of getting from Boston to NYC and back. Less-fun things, too.

I also have random things:

The Rowe Senior High Camp Afternoonish Meeting Song!
I'm in it. Look for the hobbit in a denim jacket enthusiastically dancing. And then making unintentional Lovegood arms at the end.

(The boy taking off so many layers of clothes had previously put on a ridiculous amount of the clothing from the Lost And Found pile.)

Polite cat! Look at the headbutt!

Also a NSFW lesbian porny comic that has a soft style to it and is actually pretty well done in how it deals with orgasm, (light) kinks, and how women have very different bodies that are often sensitive in different ways. I was way more impressed than I expected to be. Here it is.

The Gay Song:

I'm Here and Queer, Dyke Pioneer...but more for Ellen Page than KStew, definitely gayer than Lindsay without Sam, and never was a Spashley (lesbian ship) fan. Different subspecies of lesbian, but still very very gay! Someone joked about having it as a ringtone; I think that would actually be hilarious.

I love this gingerbread person about gender and sexuality: To be found here! Click on the gingerbread person!

I'm not sure why this video gave me hope, but at least it allowed me to think of my feelings in terms of feeling as though I'm in the camping-out-in-the-wilderness-soul-searching-away-from-Hogwarts phase of my Harry Potter life:

I've been using Chrome for a while but it has been hating me lately so I'm heading back to Firefox and it feels like moving home haha.

That is all for now. It's late and tomorrow I have to coordinate for one of the summer services (which the regular minister is running!) and then I'm off to a Renn Faire with a friend of mine if she remembers.
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