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27 August 2012 @ 05:18 pm
This may not make sense to many of you but I have to post it because fandom feelings. ("Spoilers!" calls River Kiwi. Really, spoilers. You've been warned.)

Dear True Blood,


I've waited patiently--juuuuust bordering on impatient--and now I am a very happy camper.

As soon as I heard Tara say, "You owe Pam" I got giddy little fandom eyes and was all, "OH IT'S ON!" And when they were mocking each other through the silver bars but unable to touch I was swooning in the UST that I knew was about to burst into Some Big Event.

But when Tara reached for the silver handle of Pam's cell herself instead of waiting for Sookie, I knew exaaaactly what was going on, and it was three cheers from Kiwi! There was definitely tongue before their mouths even touched. Thaaaank youuuu Trueeee Bloooood. That save-grab-kiss combo was sexy as hell.

Despite being ill, I may have done a little happy-dance in my chair. And wondered if this is what some Potterheads felt like when Ron and Hermione finally kissed or Remus stopped making Tonks so brunette-emo. Canon femslash makes me so so so happy. Especially having a queer WOC character!


P.S. It was worth putting up with little 8th-grade-soon-to-be-9th-grade cheerleaders with open-mouth gum-chewing and Justin Bieber to be able to come back and see this. I wouldn't say that about a lot of things. As to the rest of the episode...wtf? WHO CARES; I DON'T.

I love that the actresses are just as adorably dorky about it:

(And yes, it did seem as though Rutina played it with Tara having the more direct intention for a while with Kristin playing Pam as more in-the-moment, working off Tara's energy and letting it knock some realisation into her. I loved it.)

That is all for now. I am the most mature, well-spoken person one can ever have in a fandom. Truth.

Back to Maedchen in Uniform for as long as I can stay alert and conscious. After that it's some bedrest with Reunion (novella by Fred Ulman; Tetley's rec) until I can be alert and conscious again.
Kiwi Crocuscranky__crocus on September 1st, 2012 07:23 am (UTC)
Yaaaay canon femslash!

And it makes me super happy when there's canon femslash on top of somewhat-OTP couples because minority huzzah! Happyyyyyyy.