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13 August 2012 @ 02:40 am
Ah, Livejournal, you look strange!

Sleep dep. x 2 today but the day went well and I am grateful. The service was a hit, I didn't faint during my coming-out-as-everything sermon (I don't usually get too nervous but this was the most open I've ever been with the congregation), I made the minister cry, a pretty-long-standing member of the congregation came out as gay, The Gays took me out for Indian food (and I was told that when I'm "old like them" I have to take a baby dyke of my own under my wing: well duh, I'll have a whole destruction of baby dykes ['destruction' being the collective noun for wild cats]), I got to go home with one of my Adopted Lesbian Aunts to play with her three "babies" (two labs and a Jack Russell), and I managed to inspire myself to do the re-arranging of my room despite my exhaustion. I am on my way to trying out my brother's old desktop computer.

I had no idea that what it would take to move a desk and a bookshelf on my own was just some jumps to the left and then some steps to the right, my hands on my hips and then my knees in tight; but it was the pelvic thrust that really drove me insane ended my pain. (Let's do the Warp Clean again ['and again, and again, f--k your mother'--for those who've been to a live shadow-casting].)

Truly, I hip-thrust my furniture across my room. I get very set on accomplishing these things despite the difficulty of doing them alone (and because doing it alone makes me feel independent, capable, and not-helpless--no matter how stubborn). I was a sweaty mess when I finished, but I prevailed and reign victorious over my living space.

Tomorrow/today is a kidsitting day for around five hours, so I'm off to read some Memories of my childhood; further years at Mårbacka (it arrived!), relax, and get some good sleep. My left eye seems to be twitching; I think that means it's time to go.
?elsceetaria on August 14th, 2012 12:50 am (UTC)
Yay for awesome service and cleaning and junk!