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12:34, my favorite time!!

I'm out of my low bought.

Went to church today. It was great. Arah informed me that she and Twinny had been drafted into the children's story. They said they of course couldn't say no to Ann, and that I was lucky that I was never asked. They said it was because I never come early and I explained why I can't.

So then we were all laughing and thinking me lucky for not being asked.

And then Ann came up during the service and asked if I wanted to help, so I cheerily (but quietly) chirped, "Of course!"

So I was partnered with Arah and when Ann went up to do her part in the story as Ocean and was invited into the house of Sun and Moon, she was prancing around on stage as all us smaller ocean parts sauntered up the isles waving blue shimmery fabrics up and down.

It was hilarious.

Then I got to hang out with Arah, Ann, Carole, and a few others. Had my tea. Read a bit of a children's UU book. It was great fun.

Now I'm prepared to finish my online junk, clean my room, do my homework, and do more writing.


My horoscope:

This is a rather moody time for you and your changeability has had its impact on those close to you, too. Still, it's crucial to keep expressing your feelings, regardless of the resistance you might receive from others. Let your shifting needs register on the surface, for others will see through your attempts to hide them anyway.

Sometimes it just amuses me how they can be so true.
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