Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Today was the memorial service of one of my good friend's (far too young) brother, who died Monday at age 25. But I am pointedly not thinking about that; I only thought I would bring it up as a This Is What I've Been Doing/Living point. I was up early and in charge of veggie platters.

What I am posting to say is that my mother just came in and put a Hershey's Kiss down my shirt. I then discovered that it was frozen, which was lovely (little fan is not doing enough).

She told me she threw some at Da and "he said, 'Ah, it's raining kisses!' And then he ate them. But what else is a respectable person supposed to do when it rains chocolate kisses?"

My family had a meal together today, at home even (we usually only get that when we go out). It was short, granted, with the ManlyMen of the household eating at their ridiculous pace, but it was nice. Even if it was take-away from a local pizza place, and even if I felt the need to eat fried food (alas to the neighbours who declared I had lost weight I must respond "my arse"--which hasn't lost weight either).

My family is adorable and together. And while I am Not Thinking About Things, I must admit that I am endlessly grateful for that.

(And, alright, for frozen chocolate kisses.)

Back to fic reading. This is the first fanfic I've been able to sit down and read in far too long!
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