Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

It's 1.40 in the morning and my brother has a girl over.

Ooh la laaaa.

I am singing childish chants to myself, because I am a Mature Older Sister.

I'm also going 'awwwwwr' because I know he and she have been on-and-off, kinda-sorta, in a not-really-dating-way together since high school.

Xanderdweeb's still got it then (but since they're watching a film and he's talking about computer games, he's also totally still a dweeb; the nickname shall not take its leave of him at this juncture).

Caaaaaan you feel the like-like toniiiii-iii-iiight? You needn't look too-oo-oo faaaaar. Stealing through Diablo's dungeons, like-like is where they are. And iiiif he falls in like tonight, it can be assuuuuumed: his carefree night online is history; in long his time-in-pixelated-dungeons-doing-who-knows-what-and-possibly-killing-chubby-unicorns-and-little-teddybears-and-even-happy-flowers-with-a-backdrop-of-happy-clouds-and-rainbows-because-Diablo-is-crazy is dooooooooomed.
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