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29 May 2012 @ 11:32 pm
I thought of two more points for catching up:

  • Jenne! She exists. We've spoken on the phone. She's working back at her boarding school for 'at risk' male teens, which can be incredibly stressful even with the 7-days-on, 7-days-off and then 6-days-on, 6-days-off schedule. The Mexican Painter (MP) she talked about at Rowe (during reunion) as a potential hookup met up with her a few times. She really likes him, so they're doing a long-term thing, and really enjoying it. She's considering moving out west during part of every year. I'm thrilled for her, honestly--she seems very happy, and I do not have a jealous heart. If I could never get to that part of her love, and to those interactions with her body, then I would certainly wish that someone else who could make her happy would do it!

  • Unfortunately, we were talking because of Rowe, which screwed us both over with the two new co-directors. We worried that by hiring two of "Rowe's Elites" (people who went to camp/worked there for ages and often forget about the small-fries), people would be left out and things would get a bit elitist. Things did. I found out by emailing Rowe that the deadline for applications had finished and that their "application process was still flawed". They hadn't sent the application email to the previous year's staff (totally stupid move and especially unacceptable with summer camps, which thrive on consecutive-year staff), I'm not friends with them on Facebook, and no one forwarded me the email (which they apparently encouraged within the email). That pissed me off enough. Then I found out that despite Jenne applying for co-director and making it to the final stage (when the MALE CO-DIRECTOR THEY HAD JUST HIRED was consulted to pick, which is a weird power dynamic) and being clear in that she'd still love to work at Rowe anyway, she didn't get the email either. So she missed application. It turned out she realised she couldn't work it anyway (stupid to spend the vacation days of a stressful job on another stressful [but rewarding] job--equation for exhaustion and disaster). So that was very booooo.

    But for the moment I don't care about any of that (lies--I care ridiculous amounts about Jenne), so onto my day:

  • No Salem trip or film trip with my family. (Mother realised she had a board meeting with the church and said, "Did I fuck up the evening?" She had. But I think we were all productive--at least, if doing whatever Dweeb does on the computer is considered productive. I think it must be. Also, at the meeting, when one of the members asked if she could bring her Incredibly Obnoxious Party to the end-of-year-committee-party at our house, my mother pretended to think about it for a moment and responded something like, "No, this is not a kid event." Which is awesome because no one ever actually says no to Mother and Daughter in a clear way, even though the congregation can't stand this Entitled Diva Bratty Daughter and she bullies half the ADULTS of the congregation. Myself included. I am not a fan; I'm already unsure what I'll do about my position as the senior youth advisor when she makes it up to senior high youth group in 2013.)

  • Picked up the Subaru Outback, whom I named Dana in high school, and realised she is Totally Not Fixed. (But Mum was testing the brakes at a traffic light when I was following her, so I got to giggle at what looked like some sort of vehicular-insect mating ritual.) We also have to acknowledge that some time soon-ish, Dana is going to Die. Sad days.

  • I got a sandwich. It was wonderful. I still have half of it left to appreciate later.

  • It was, as my friends would say, "hot as balls". I don't know what the temperature was, but I know it was that sort of humid sticky heat that feels absolutely yucky.

  • I had a lovely evening regardless. Went for a random run outside (it felt brilliant, even though I'll pay for it), drank chocolate wine (and got a bit chattier), spent time in Lash's Chatzy party, got down to 50 emails in my inbox (which I will get down to under 10 before sleep), got Zee to join minerva_fest, and wrote a Minerva poem.

  • I wasn't going to participate in the fest myself, but I saw an opportunity to get Zee to really say yes and mean it, so I offered a sign-up pact: if she signed up, I would. So now I have to claim a prompt by the 1st; I'll give them a more thorough look later. Surely I can write 1500 or line-and-colour a piece of art.

  • Because I think tetleythesecond might like it, I'll post the poem I wrote (it's short), which hasn't been beta'd but was posted on Chatzy so I can say with near-certainty that it doesn't make eyes bleed.

    Down by the lake, Minerva was chilly,
    Minerva was chilly,
    Minerva was chilly.
    At the lake in the summer, yet Minerva was chilly,
    Feeling old and abandoned and silly—

    But there was an echo, a whisper of sorts,
    A whisper of sorts,
    A whisper of sorts.
    Right there, in the willow, a whisper of sorts
    And Minerva’s poor stomach contorts.

    A wisp in the willow gave her away,
    Gave her away,
    Gave her away.
    It was a wisp through the willow that gave her away,
    When Amelia Bones came out to say…

    “That evening in August, ‘twas your name on my lips,
    Your name on my lips,
    Your name on my lips.
    My death in mid-August, with your name on my lips,
    Recalling my tongue at your hips.”

    The August moon was high in the sky,
    High in the sky,
    High in the sky.
    ‘Twas the August moon hung up high in the sky,
    The year after Amelia Bones died.

    Now back to going through my inbox, and then making a bit of an inventory list, and then some other misc. tasks until I am able to sleep! Because tomorrow I am taking a spontaneous (and, gasp, pre-noon) trip to Salem with Shaya. For lunch. $40 off coupon yaaay!

    My brother wondered who stole his fan. I did not steal his fan. I replaced the family fan that was in his room with another family fan that would not stand up in my room but would work in his, and it is temporary--just until I pop out to Best Buy and get a tower fan with my $30 gift card from my UU congregation mentee as a thank-you gift! :D (I drew her a corny card--truly, it had dancing corn in a suit--and gave her a dream journal, since she has such interesting dreams.)
    Rosa | ¯\(ºдಠ)/¯: hermione readingrosaxx50 on May 30th, 2012 05:26 am (UTC)
    I think the mere fact it is HP poetry makes it automatically awesome. Especially with Minerva+Amelia.

    Kiwi Kiwanicus: HP || Ravenclaw || Voluptuous reader.kikiweeki on May 30th, 2012 05:28 am (UTC)
    Why thank you, Rosaxx! Although it did remind me how frustrating writing poetry can be. :P But in the end I enjoyed the process and, to some degree, the poem.

    (ETA: Having multiple accounts is dangerous.)

    Edited at 2012-05-30 05:29 am (UTC)
    Rosa | ¯\(ºдಠ)/¯: lunch breakrosaxx50 on May 30th, 2012 05:33 am (UTC)
    I was wondering who you were!
    Kiwi Kiwanicus: HP || Ravenclaw || Wit and learning.kikiweeki on May 30th, 2012 05:50 am (UTC)
    I am me! I am writing up a long-arse entry on Catching Fire, so I don't want to log out.

    I'm sure you would have figured it out in not too long. (;
    Rosa | ¯\(ºдಠ)/¯: jean greyrosaxx50 on May 30th, 2012 05:54 am (UTC)
    Catching Fire! I need to read that.

    The name sort of reminded me of "Kiwi". I am a Kiwi, so everything sounds like it to me to be honest. But wasn't sure
    Kiwi Kiwanicus: Lesbians || Killjoys.kikiweeki on May 30th, 2012 06:26 am (UTC)
    I got the nickname "Kiwi" from people calling me "Wee-ki" (my nickname was Ki and I am little); Kiki then became another nickname for Kiwi. And since I'm trying to read at least a book a week (I'm surpassing that), kikiweeki seemed appropriate.

    Although some people call me Kiki-weewee instead and I am less fond of that one. :P
    minervas_eule: my Minervaminervas_eule on May 30th, 2012 06:25 am (UTC)
    The poem has the rhythm of a song-text to me.... :-) - so sad *sigh*

    I am sorry about your old-pal car.... I know the feeling from last October, but now I love my new one ;-)) (it is so much faster and more comfortable)

    The Rowe-news really are annoying - but maybe what you conclude about Jenne's not working there making sense, will be true for you by then as well: if one has an exhausting job one should really relax on one's vacation time and not have another stressful one; I hope the two of you will find another way of meeting up though!!!

    The last sentence of your Jenne-paragraph is another example for all the reasons you are such a wonderful, amazing friend.... I am trying my best to feel the same about Cornelius, managing some of the time (two days ago during the organ concerts it worked very well...)...*oh, well*
    Kiwi Crocus: Hair || Long covering.cranky__crocus on May 30th, 2012 06:34 am (UTC)
    Thank you, about the poem! Yes, it does have a lyrical quality that may be more suited to song...but for the moment I like it as a poem. :D Thanks again! And yes, definitely sad. I was very happy when I wrote it, so I'm not sure where it came from, haha.

    Dana is really my parents' car; I just was the first to test-drive it when I visited the city where it was located. I told them I loved it, and it was cheap and the friend was selling it, so my mother went for it. It has had some good years. I don't know if Mum will go for another used-used car again, or a less-used car, or a new one. I imagine she WILL go for another one, though, since even if I'm leaving the house I'll still be the nuisance daughter asking to use the family car from time to time, and both my parents drive, and when my brother is home from uni he drives as well; he's still got one more year of uni before he even tries to fly the nest.

    The Rowe news is definitely annoying. Perhaps it will be true for me as well--but I hope not, because I will not be looking for a career-job, rather a part-time job with ideally a nice crew of people. Hopefully a bookstore or something of that sort. If I end up with a job that's stressful enough that I wouldn't be able to handle Rowe, I won't have managed to find what I was looking for!

    I'm sure we'll find another way of meeting up. She begs me to come to Asheville every time we're on the phone. (Actually, it's not really begging--she tries to entice me into visiting! Haha.)

    I think it is also different when you see this other person frequently, especially often with the love interest. I have never met MP and have never seen Jenne with him. I imagine I myself would still be just fine since I am very much not a jealous person and quite poly on the monogamous-to-polyamorous scale, but I imagine that with many others it would be more painful/difficult than this 'other person' existing as an abstract role.

    ...another example for all the reasons you are such a wonderful, amazing friend...
    Thank you very much for this. ♥ And the best of luck with your feelings about Cornelius. I think your situation is harder than mine is!
    (Deleted comment)
    Kiwi Crocus: Women || Waterclad.cranky__crocus on May 31st, 2012 06:36 pm (UTC)
    Eeeei, how happy did your comment just make me? :D Still squeeing. Thank you!

    I wonder if people ever post poems to fic communities. Not that I'd actually do about it, but sometimes I think about reposting my stuff...

    Yes, Zee's in! I was trying to think of something that would push her over the edge into a firm 'yes', and I thought that maybe, just maybe, my agreeing to join (and be equally flaily/nervous with her) would do it. So now I just have to claim a prompt and not explode! :D
    zee: alice smilezofbadfaith on May 30th, 2012 05:28 pm (UTC)
    I gotta say that even after picking my prompts I'm still a little nervous about the fest, nervous and thrilled and, you know, all sorts of excited like a teenager going on their first date or something like that.

    I can only hope I won't get all over the place like I did before writing my Friendship Fest fic (I'll keep reminding myself that everything's going to be fine, I will).

    And thanks for doing this, Keewee ♥
    Kiwi Crocus: Zoë Lewis || Rotary phone.cranky__crocus on May 31st, 2012 06:40 pm (UTC)
    "A little nervous"? That I totally understand! I'm terribly nervous at the moment, before claiming a prompt, and I know I will be after--that's how my fest participation tends to go, haha. *Grins.* Well, minerva_fest is a great first date!

    I can hope the same for you, although I know that I personally tend to get all over the place before writing my fest fic, too. :B I still haven't learned the art of being in a fest without freaking out to some degree.

    Everything will be fine. We'll both be reminding ourselves (and each other) of that.

    No problem, Zee! We'll get through this and have an awesome time. :D
    þeof in þystro: Hatmothwing on May 31st, 2012 10:33 pm (UTC)
    I'm sorry to hear about Dana and Rowe (poo heads) and I'm in love with the rhythm of your poem. Delightfully sad! And about Minerva! ♥
    Kiwi Crocus: HP || SS Hops || Flower.cranky__crocus on June 5th, 2012 01:08 am (UTC)
    Thank you thank you! ♥