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I just realised that I actually have been introduced to Betty Dodson before: she wrote the foreword to Cunt: A Declaration of Independence, which I read back in...2007, maybe? Tops 2008. Ah, yes, I remember it fondly: I was doubled over in pain, damning my uterus and my biologically female body, at the same time as I was admiring it/myself with the book. I don't remember much of what was actually in the book, though (I'll partially blame cramps), so I may be due for a re-read.

I know it's controversial and all, but my preference is still for "cunt" over "pussy" when it comes to informal talk (otherwise I love "vagina" or "vulva", depending on which we're actually talking about!). Which makes me all for reclaiming, I guess, although I don't often do it in a big "activist" way--usually just by changing my terminology to fit my preferences and explaining if questioned. I am sorry if my use of the term offends, although I can't say I'm sorry that I enjoy the word. I think I can blame The Vagina Monologues a little for that, but I also love one-syllable words that end with a hard 't' (or other hard vowels)--makes me rather fond of the abbreviation "clit", too. And, despite how little I use the words, I love "shit" and "fuck" just for the sounds; out of old habits (I've seldom been one to swear much) I have tended to say "shite" (which I also like for the long "i") and "fook"--or "poot", which I started saying at 15 for no good reason and it stuck. Silly things like, "Oh, poot on a stick! Piffle and poot. Goose!" I say the strangest things when most people use expletives...

(And, because I'm curious: what are your favourite terms? For anything really, I suppose; I don't tend to think of male terms often, but I think "prick" is probably my favourite. What about euphemisms? What are the funniest you've heard? The most descriptive? The best, most accurate, whatever? Do you love or like the word cunt, or hate or dislike it, or are you generally apathetic? Do you have a favourite? Are they just weeeeerds [words]? What are your favourite cuss-words, or do you not use them? How about favourite words in general--ones that feel nice on your tongue, or make you smile? Onomatopoeias?)

Anyway, now that you've heard enough about my use of pseudo-expletives and my love of certain sounds, I'll reign myself back in:

I love these moments of "it's a small feminist world out there"; they make me smile.

Posting a lot today; posting a lot about things I generally don't post about but think a lot about. Less surprised by my inclusion of "I like these words, what do you like?!" since words are a passion of mine. I'm liking it, anyway, so I guess that's what's important--even if people from my flist migrate away with a loud "pooft!" sound and leave behind a dirt cloud for me to cough on. :B At some point I will get back to "this is my life and what's happening to it/me!" [updates] and "look at the fandom stuff I've been reading/looking at!" [rec posts], but for now this is what I have to offer.
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