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11 May 2012 @ 01:13 am
I just realised that I actually have been introduced to Betty Dodson before: she wrote the foreword to Cunt: A Declaration of Independence, which I read back in...2007, maybe? Tops 2008. Ah, yes, I remember it fondly: I was doubled over in pain, damning my uterus and my biologically female body, at the same time as I was admiring it/myself with the book. I don't remember much of what was actually in the book, though (I'll partially blame cramps), so I may be due for a re-read.

I know it's controversial and all, but my preference is still for "cunt" over "pussy" when it comes to informal talk (otherwise I love "vagina" or "vulva", depending on which we're actually talking about!). Which makes me all for reclaiming, I guess, although I don't often do it in a big "activist" way--usually just by changing my terminology to fit my preferences and explaining if questioned. I am sorry if my use of the term offends, although I can't say I'm sorry that I enjoy the word. I think I can blame The Vagina Monologues a little for that, but I also love one-syllable words that end with a hard 't' (or other hard vowels)--makes me rather fond of the abbreviation "clit", too. And, despite how little I use the words, I love "shit" and "fuck" just for the sounds; out of old habits (I've seldom been one to swear much) I have tended to say "shite" (which I also like for the long "i") and "fook"--or "poot", which I started saying at 15 for no good reason and it stuck. Silly things like, "Oh, poot on a stick! Piffle and poot. Goose!" I say the strangest things when most people use expletives...

(And, because I'm curious: what are your favourite terms? For anything really, I suppose; I don't tend to think of male terms often, but I think "prick" is probably my favourite. What about euphemisms? What are the funniest you've heard? The most descriptive? The best, most accurate, whatever? Do you love or like the word cunt, or hate or dislike it, or are you generally apathetic? Do you have a favourite? Are they just weeeeerds [words]? What are your favourite cuss-words, or do you not use them? How about favourite words in general--ones that feel nice on your tongue, or make you smile? Onomatopoeias?)

Anyway, now that you've heard enough about my use of pseudo-expletives and my love of certain sounds, I'll reign myself back in:

I love these moments of "it's a small feminist world out there"; they make me smile.

Posting a lot today; posting a lot about things I generally don't post about but think a lot about. Less surprised by my inclusion of "I like these words, what do you like?!" since words are a passion of mine. I'm liking it, anyway, so I guess that's what's important--even if people from my flist migrate away with a loud "pooft!" sound and leave behind a dirt cloud for me to cough on. :B At some point I will get back to "this is my life and what's happening to it/me!" [updates] and "look at the fandom stuff I've been reading/looking at!" [rec posts], but for now this is what I have to offer.
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?elsceetaria on May 11th, 2012 07:28 am (UTC)
My favorite word is discombobulate, or discombobulation. It's just fun to say. :)

I try to limit my cursing, but I am quite prone to using fuck or damn or shit. I guess I've gotten comfortable in the basics. I went through a "feck off" stage after one cast party in high school, and there was another phase where I used Uff Da. I still kind of use a uph sound, but it's less defined. I hardly used obscenities at all until I was around 21.

I tend to use the specific anatomical terms as much as possible although I do often find myself refering to the whole kitten kaboodle as "girly bits." I heard a lecture entitled Eve Ensler: Hands off my Vag! A Philippic with Pictures last fall where Alice Dreger ranted for 45 minutes on people using the term vagina for vulva or just the term vajayjay in general. It was amusing. Also, I recently got to borrow the 1978 edition of Our Bodies, Our Selves. It listed some of the most amusing word for those parts I've ever seen.

(Also, I've randomly been told clitoris is a hard word for a 3 year to say. )
Kiwi Crocus: Hair || Starfish braid.cranky__crocus on May 11th, 2012 07:40 am (UTC)
Oh, discombobulate its forms are great words! It reminds me of how much I love the word "flabbergasted" and "bamboozled". So many great words for states of confusion (plus more made-up ones, like confuzzlement--confusion and puzzlement!).

I've mentioned liking 'fuck' and 'shit'--I can say I've never taken much to 'damn'. (Growing up it was said pretty often, to the point that I didn't even consider it a swear, especially since "God damn" never meant much in my household; we're not "don't take the Lord's name in vain" types.) I say "dang" and "darn" a lot, because I like the ending to those words.

Ahahaha, I'd forgotten how much I love "feck off!" I did used to use "feck" about as much as I used "fook", though mostly in speech rather than text. I have a feeling that will be slipping back into my common usage now that I've been reminded... :B

I tend to think "girly bits" is cute--sometimes too cute--although I've tried not to use it as much because not all girls have the bits, and not everyone with the bits is a girl. But it doesn't actually specify, so I tend to be of two minds, because equally "girly bits" could mean the bits of any woman-identified person (I've heard the penis referred to as "one big clit" before) and not be limited to biologically female parts. I love being as all-inclusive with gender and language as I can, but sometimes it does get a bit tricky!

I tend to get annoyed with "vagina" being used instead of "vulva", especially since I love the term vulva. I tend to be less picky with "vajayjay" and "vag" since they're clearly meant to be informal, and informal speech is less focused on strict accuracy. But if one is going as far as to use the more clinical term vagina? One should probably mean vagina.

I'll have to check out Our Bodies, Our Selves; I've certainly heard enough about it and I always love good lists of names for genitals! I think it was Season 3 of The L Word that had a few episodes starting and/or ending with euphemisms.

I have to wonder what three-year-old was attempting to say "clitoris", and how ze came to the conclusion that it was so difficult.

I have also just remembered that the first time I was ever introduced to the clitoris as a Real Thing was by the Chef on South Park. Oh my goodness, my life.
?elsceetaria on May 11th, 2012 07:58 am (UTC)
Well, the penis is pretty much a giant clitoris in some ways.

I tend to refer to my own bits as girly bits, but not so much other people's. I would probably expand it to the bits of any person who identifies as female. Mine just happen to be the ones identified as being normal female bits. I typically get more clinical when referring to others. When in doubt, however, I try to just use whatever terminology the other person uses themself.

Yeah, I tend to use the anatomical labels because they are specific. I have no trouble using other terms as long as it's clear what they refer to. The problem with so many is that vagina = vulva = clitoris = anything below the belt, which they don't.

It was one of my professor's children. Apparently, she had explained that the daughter had a clitoris and her brother(the professor's son) had a penis. It was that specific child's experience that it is a hard word. This professor gave lectures on the history of female genital cutting and the cosmetic surgeries people can have down there as well as one very disturbing procedure that was one doctor's idea of a good idea.

I don't know when I learned about the clit, but I read all the childbirth literature lying around the house when I was in third grade. I may have been then, or it might have been later.

I've only seen the 1st season of The L Word. I should probably watch more.
Kiwi Crocus: Dar Williams || Magic's in the Learning.cranky__crocus on May 11th, 2012 08:18 am (UTC)
Yes, in the pleasure department, the penis is very much like a stretched out/giant clit! Though I'm personally glad that I don't have to pee, have sex, or give birth through mine--the spotted hyena seem to have it pretty hard there. (Although they're one of the only--or possibly the only stereotypically sexually-reproducing--species that can't be raped. Well, at least clitorally/vaginally [same organ for them]; I suppose some male could get the hole wrong or not properly express his kinks through whatever yips and barks... :B)

I'm not even sure what I refer to mine as; I guess I don't tend to refer to them at all. I can't remember the last time I did.

When in doubt, however, I try to just use whatever terminology the other person uses themself.
Good rule of thumb. I'm still trying to figure out what I would call my own, if the conversation came up in this very instant (I mean, beyond "my [clinical part{s}]"). I call them sexy-bits sometimes for others, but not for myself, since as a non-sexually-active person at the moment they're not really that, at least not to me. Perhaps just "bits". Can't believe I haven't wondered this before!

The problem with so many is that vagina = vulva = clitoris = anything below the belt, which they don't.
Ugh yes. That leads to some serious problems, sexually and otherwise.

Ahahaha I should have guessed it was a professor's child. :B That's adorable.

I think I had a vague idea that there was something "up there" (in what was then referred to as the "peepee") because I was a pretty active masturbator when I was quite young; my first real memory of life is rubbing against the coffee table my family used to have in the old living room. I didn't know about the actual "thing" (for instance, that it had a name and shape) until The Chef talked about it; that must have been elementary school some time. It took many years to understand that it was an organ--a pleasure organ, at that!--with a shape (and later re-learned the bigger-picture shape) and such. By that time I no longer actively masturbated, funnily enough. I think it was my hip that finally made me stop, which is rather sad, but also explains why this has been a whole Process for me. At the time that others in my life were getting more sexual with themselves and others (with more knowledge and intention, at least), my body was breaking and causing me pain and losing my trust in it. Sad reality! But one I'm trying to sort through now.

Hahaha The L Word isn't particularly genius, but it's pretty much a lesbian stable now. Eye-candy and some hilarious quotes. Some of it is absolutely maddening, and it certainly doesn't cover everything (...we're not all femme-variants from beautified CA), but it was fun to have something so lesbionic to watch as I was embracing my life as a babydyke.
lash_laruelash_larue on May 11th, 2012 10:06 am (UTC)
I tend to like the term "cunt" for vulva in stories that are frankly sexual, I have ever since reading "Lady Chatterly's Lover". (Which mine said she could scarcely believe had been written by a man)

I was pretty old before I ever heard it used in a disparaging manner. I also like the diminutive form "cunny", perhaps because it sounds soft. I do tend not to use "cunt" all that much in stories because I do know that some people are not comfortable with it, but sometimes it's just the right word and I do think "there is a power in the word" as someone said somewhere. I tend to compromise with "pussy". I find a greater challenge in how to refer to the component parts of the whole external genital area, particularly the negative space. I am already on record as to the non-interchangability of vulva and vagina. Vaginas are astonishing structures, and quite marvelous, but are not typically very visible. Fortunately, vulvas in their infinite variety, are; assuming no clothes and a certain level of trust for a personal viewing.

I guess I kind of equate "cock" with "cunt" as far as literary usage goes, but I don't use them in my writing often so I don't think on it much. "Pecker" is kind of funny though, and I find the term "peckerhead" vividly descriptive of many people.

I do love words, they have texture and weight, I like "bumfuzzled",
and "consternated".

I also curse a lot, not as much as I used to, but that's because I don't get riled up as much or as often any more, not because of a change in policy. I can really respect an impassioned cussing out, but for it to be effective one has to have the tune as well as the words. Sometimes I think that the only people who should be allowed to say "motherfucker" are me and Sam Jackson, but I guess I'm a purist.

Uh, I also tend to run on, but the subject is interesting.
Kiwi Crocus: Nature || Under magnolia skies.cranky__crocus on May 11th, 2012 06:31 pm (UTC)
I love seeing "cunt" for vulva (or, even, vagina [as in with the preposition "in"]) in sexual stories--or non-sexual ones, really. I don't know what it is about "pussy", but I just can't take it as seriously and it makes me want to giggle instead; I think it's the relationship to cats. I haven't read "Lady Chatterly's Lover"--should I? :B

I honestly haven't heard it in a disparaging manner. In England we used to call someone a "stupid cunt" but it was more of an endearing thing, actually; like, if someone did something ridiculous that we enjoyed, we'd laugh and say "awwr, you stupid cunt--do it again!" Like calling someone an "idiot" when they're doing something strange/stupid but adorable. I haven't heard "cunny", but it brings about the same feeling "pussy" does for me--and also reminds me of the word "cunning", which makes me think, "What, are all cunts Slytherins?" (Maybe, who knows. Mine seems to be a bit Ravenclawish.)

Yes, I think you hit on the reason I don't tend to use "cunt" in stories either, despite how much I like it: I hate making people feel uncomfortable. Knowingly using a word that often does that makes me feel bad. But yes, sometimes it is just the word that fits! (It's not as though I'll stop reading a story if I see "pussy", of course; I think it just takes me out of the story for a quick second. I'm sure that "cunt" does the same thing for others, though, so there's really no winning. It seems unfair that all words for the general area will pull at least someone out of the story in some way, when that doesn't seem to be as much of a problem with male terminology, possibly because we hear them so often--for what they're meant or informally. I think the only one I ever find myself raising my eyebrow at is "member", and after enough of it, even that one didn't catch my attention except in particular moods.)

Fortunately, vulvas in their infinite variety, are; assuming no clothes and a certain level of trust for a personal viewing.
Or crotchless clothes, or a highly comfortable vulva-carrying person! Haha, but yes, too true!

I think I equate "cock" and "cunt" together too--and in my mind, "dick" and "pussy".

"Pecker" is kind of funny though, and I find the term "peckerhead" vividly descriptive of many people.
Ahahahaha yes absolutely!

Oh, I love "bumfuzzled" (I mentioned above my love of words for varied states of confusion) and "consternated". Reminds me of one of my favourite words: "masticate". To me it sounds like what it is, but of course shares resemblance with another verb... One of my favourite words in general is "undulate"--it just has the feeling of the meaning, which I adore.

Sometimes I think that the only people who should be allowed to say "motherfucker" are me and Sam Jackson, but I guess I'm a purist.
*Grins.* Well, by my way of thinking, it's all yours. Actually, my friends and I tend to use it, but not as a cuss. "Motherfucker" is the term for the person who is taking too long and making everyone else late--like by applying eyeliner (could be a gal or guy of the house) while we're all ready to head out the door. It is then customary to say, "[Name] is the motherfucker! Motherfucker making us late!"

Uh, I also tend to run on, but the subject is interesting.
I'm sure you can tell by my making the post and my long replies that I am not interested in this subject at all. (; (Thanks for responding, with all your words!)