Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

I am setting out to watch all of the "Tuesdays with Nina" videos, because I love her, what she talks about, and how she talks about it!

If any further proof to why I love Nina is required, I just watched the First "Tuesdays with Nina" video and it was wonderful. I loved the way she talked about consentual sex and clarified that having sex to cause pain is about having sex to deceive/lie/emotionally harm/hurt someone (or which leads to dishonesty that does), rather than BDSM. BDSM = yay! Hurting people intentionally and without consent = boooo.

I'll be watching more of those, definitely.

But first I'll be doing laundry, because life is always pesky and gets in the way of things.

(So I guess I'll be talking about sex and sex education more freely now, the same as I will now freely admit that I've got fuzzy pits and legs? I suppose if that's a problem then it's a problem, and we can sort it out. But sometimes I just have to give myself the freedom to say "this is my journal" and not worry about other people, even if I hate the idea of "driving people off". I suppose, then, we can talk about it? Also, I know myself to be considerate enough to never just have Random Naked People pop up in my journal without adequate warnings, and I don't see myself posting actual pornographic videos/images [although perhaps links, especially to fanart, since I'm still in fandom], and I think I'm versed enough in triggers to know what to put behind cuts; hopefully trust in that will be enough.)

I also totally forgot to mention that watching erotic videos makes me want to write more, which is a Good Thing. Yay smut!

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