Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Alright, Jennifer Lawrence, you win: I now have a celebrity crush on your adorable, hilarious, fandom-geeky self. Happy now?

Also, despite my grudge against the "Katniss braid" (side braids really are not the best choice for frequent movement, least of all on one's dominant archery side), I gave it a shot. Needs work, but if I get it right, it additionally makes a cute formal-esque braided side-bun.

I really need to work on my French/Dutch braiding again in general. Can't believe I used to do it every time I got out of the shower. Three tries in a row and my arms were KILLING me.

Some day I'll find a partner who likes braiding. Even if she's on the butch side. Little hotter than a butch who knows how to braid (and even enjoys it). Especially if she throws in head and neck massages. (I should know; I was one once upon a time.)

Now I'm just teasing my imagination. Time to go read a book. (Sure, Kiwi, that'll help.)

(Typed on a touch-pad.)
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