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22 February 2012 @ 02:56 am
    (One Reason) Why I Love Tamora Pierce:

On fan fiction: “Fan fiction for my work, I won’t read it, but given that when I, oh let me put it like this… [in little-old-lady voice] “When I was a girl, we called it Star Trek stories, and we were glad to have ‘em! We didn’t have the internet! We shared them with our friends!” […] I’m actually quite honored. Like I said, I don’t read it, but I say “Go to.”

Source: This interview.

And if I recall correctly, Tammy wrote fanfic beyond when she was a "girl". And I don't believe the "I won't read it" is meant as any sort of opinionated judgement on her part; again if I'm remembering correctly, I believe it was her agent who told her it was a bad idea to read fanfic of her works and that she shouldn't. But, from what I've seen, she's always been great about fanworks--even giving the thumbs-up (literally, I think) to a fan-comic series based on her work. (She's a big comic fan.)

In other news, I opened some birthday goodies. My grandmother/grandparents sent me a parcel for my birthday and it's the only physical gift I'll be getting for now (unless I go get the iPod in Providence, which will be more of a hand-off), so I savoured it slowly.

It came with a sweet, loving card; everything was wrapped in Valentine's tissue paper. My birthday resolution (which is just a regular resolution that has fallen on my birthday) is to be kinder and less judgmental, so I am trying not to make comments on that...even if there were little pink hearts... Alright, failing already. But that was just the wrapping, and I've used toilet paper for wrapping as a joke for friends, so I can't judge.

The Loot:
  • Natural Lip Balm with SPF 15, green with a K on it. I've been itching for new chapstick (not literally, thank earth); this one came on with a bit of an odd taste but it went away soon after.

  • A "NO NUKES" rainbow bracelet with little peace signs. I love that my (ex-nun) grandmother knows I am a rainbow-tastic hippie and not only knows it, but supports and encourages it.

  • An awesome alligator necklace made of some heavy cool stone that's dark grey and shiny and looks like hematite. It may be a crocodile; reptiles are not my strong point, I didn't look closely before I put it on, and I'd have to strain to see it now. Mum's going to raise her eyebrows at me for wearing two same-length necklaces again, as I'd gone down to just the one Jo gave me for graduation and one choker. But I loves it. It's an alligator (probably)!

  • A bracelet called Shains, which is actually pretty cool and made of recycled/recyclable materials. It's a bracelet with lots of little holes and letters/symbols with studs on the back, to be plugged in to say what the wearer wishes. I have "stardust [earth symbol] zalutation♥". First and probably last time I spell "salutations" with a z and no s at the end. It seems to assume that I have this huge wrist, which isn't true as I have rather dainty wrists, but I am wearing it now and enjoying it.

  • A grey tank top with paisley-like designs in black, and some random shinies (metal things, fake stones) and some lace at the top bit of the back/straps. It's a large, so it'll be too big for me, but I'm sure I'll wear it a few times; I do actually like grey. (:

I am quite pleased. I'm a rainbow hippie miss-spelling wax-lipped grey-scale alligator (probably)! What's not to love?

And I'm feeling tired enough to sleep before four in the morning, which is an accomplishment. Thank you all for putting up with my multiple posts; I think having LJ as an outlet helped me a lot. And I even got some cleaning done. (: See you later today!
albalark: Heart framed sunalbalark on February 22nd, 2012 01:16 pm (UTC)
I am quite pleased. I'm a rainbow hippie miss-spelling wax-lipped grey-scale alligator (probably)! What's not to love? Not a thing. :-D Happy Day, dear one!
tt: I can't even think straighttwisted_twister on February 22nd, 2012 02:56 pm (UTC)
Since you loved this icon (well, I have only 15 and the rest are even less appropriate) I'll use it again...

The reason the author you mentioned (whom I don't know but it's irrelevant to this argument) says she won't read ff is that there was a case of a fan who sued an author who worte a sequel that, alegedly, used some plotline suggested in this fan's fanwork; the fan wanted royalties - can you imagine the nerve? We all take somebody's work, a work that they worked very hard to poduce, and this is their main income, if not the only one, and breach their copyrights repeatedly. We all know it, acknowledge it, and disclaim all rights for our own fanwork - and I hope you'll agree that we do it not only for legal reasons but also because we see the injustice and disrespect in making money out of somebody else's work. But this fan thought otherwise, and sued, and I don't really remember the immediate outcome, but I do know for a fact that YA authors who used to write ff when they were young were 'advised' to drop that, take off all their previous fanwork from the net, and deny ever reading any fanwork related to their own work. I heard it from such author whom I met here more than once, and whom I used to know through her fanwork though now she has three books out, two more come this year, and she has short stories on about four or five anthologies, too. She also encourages her readers to do fanwork, but personally does not read any of that, and links only to fanvids and other media that she can't be blamed for being exposed to by any misjudging fan. I think she regrets not being able to read that, because she has pretty talented fans, and I got the impression that other YA authors who are friends tend to read each other's fans' work - but that was not said explicitly so I can't say whether that's true or not. Hope that I didn't bore you too much with this explanation.

Have a lovely day, dear Kiwi. I dont have a present for you, but now that I know the date, maybe next year I'll be a better friend. ♥ ♥ ♥
Kiwi Crocus: Readwrite || READ!cranky__crocus on February 25th, 2012 01:10 am (UTC)
Yes, I had heard of that court case you mentioned, and recall being quite peeved at the audacity of the fan-writer. I'm sure that's the reason for Tamora Pierce's agent's decision too. It would be fun if YA authors who were friends were reading each other's fans' works! And no, you didn't bore me at all. (:

I think I remember Tammy being asked if she would ever read the fan works upon retirement. She said that she would certainly consider it, but that the problem was she never planned to actually retire--she hoped to keep writing until she couldn't any more. So no fanfiction for Tamora Pierce, alas! (But it's nice to hear she'll keep right on writing.)

Thank you, TT! And no problems at all on not having a present; you certainly don't need one for me as I appreciate your words! No need to be a "better friend" - you are a wonderful friend as you are!
redbeargrlredbeargrl on February 23rd, 2012 02:08 am (UTC)
Kiwi, Dear Kiwi. I can't tell you how much better my life is for having you in it.
May this Birthday be the best ever, and bring you much love and happiness during the coming year.
Warmest Hugs,
Kiwi Crocus: Animal || Pug lick.cranky__crocus on February 25th, 2012 01:13 am (UTC)
I can't tell you how much better my life is for having you in it.
This made me go all goey all over the place. Thank you for your kind words; I don't see how they could possibly be true, but you are always honest, and so I will take your word for it!

Not the best-ever birthday, really, but a reasonable one none-the-less, and I appreciate that. (: I'll try to celebrate it more in style when I feel better (my currently terrible immune system has caught me a cold for my birthday). Love and happiness for the year, however, I can certainly manage! With all the wonderful people that have come wandering into my life, I can't see how that wouldn't be the case. (:

All my love and gratitude!