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10 December 2011 @ 02:31 am
I know the common phrase is "the cat's outta the bag", but Sir Prince Dorian the cat really prefers going in the bag--my bags--and staying there. Perhaps this is a universal metaphor that indicates my secret-keeping ability is proficient.

Then, perhaps that's why the phrase is "let the cat out of the bag", because getting the cat out really does seem to be the pith of the matter.

Although the phrase seems to imply that getting the cat in the bag takes the effort and getting it out is just a slip, but I am not finding that to be at all true. The cat gets in the bag and has no desire to get out. Tempted to take that as proof he wants to come home with me...

Sir Princess Daphne was just playing with holographic pegasus stickers that I have and is now playing around under her bed. These cats have very interesting takes on common prepositional phrases. Why let the cat out of the bag when you could let him in? Why play in your bed when you could play under it? These cats have it down. Or, perhaps at they would have it, up. These cats know what's down and they have it up.

(Cat-watching is my new sport. Almost done with my outline. Hurrah! McGonakitty icon. alksdjflkajsf Sir Princess Daphne is stalking the stickers! So adorable! If I had my own cats I would never get anything done.)