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It's snowing it's snowing it's snowing!

I hop for joy over things like this. Really--ask my mother, she had to put up with it in the car. And now I really can't be hassled or guilted for not deleting winter music when it appears on my iTunes DJ.

The feeling was slightly lessened by today's UU-congregation 'class' and the fact that Mr-Motor-Mouth is part of the group. During 'quick introduction' (name, time part of congregation, anything from the reading that struck a chord) he went on this long tangent that I didn't follow; once he'd been talking long enough that the minister reminded him endings existed, I asked "And what's your name?" Which, uh, may have been the littlest bit pointed, but I can't always help it! And he argued with the minister about religious history, which may be merited in the realms of opinion, but generally she tends to know her stuff in her degree area as far as facts go. Altogether, he reminded me of a man I had the misfortune of meeting at a convention once upon a time...

I also have to read the rest of an incredibly boring, poorly-written 'history' book by next week's session. I am not thrilled.


Because I haven't been in New England for the First Snow since I was 17, and

It's snowing it's snowing it's snowing!!!!!!

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