Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

I have found my new Home Library, which may serve me as well as a Home Pub, at least in the day-time.

I've been to the Franklin library a few times but it's not my town's library, so I usually went to my town one. But my old bully's mother used to work there so most of my memories of the place are being bullied. Well, that and finding Tamora Pierce's works--so it's a place of conflict.

This library I've only entered a few times. It has some amazing rooms! Goodness. And what feels like secret passageways, paintings everywhere... Then, it is technically speaking the first public library in the US (according to this site). It's like a Muggle-friendly Magical Library; I keep expecting Irma to walk into the room at any time.

This room has a set of paintings that spans the whole room with lots of topless lasses with long, luscious hair. The one with a bun, turned away from the viewer, looks rather like Minerva by profile, if only the hair were black rather than brown.

I wasn't ready to attach myself to this place before, but now I'm finding it's just the right time. I'm going to go explore more and then sit down for a good read!

(I've picked up Terrier and Bloodhound, so it looks as though I may be adventuring back into Tammy-land before I go Rowling through Hogwarts again.)
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