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Sometimes I just need a good all-nighter - sunset to sunrise - to feel a little productive again.

I had a feeling these weren't going to end with my standardised education.

(I came to the Providence house for the shower, friendship-flop-cuddling and Internet. I ended up with a visit to the Farmer's Market, a clean self, a trip to the lesbian-owned sex store within walking distance [where I bought some 'naughty matches' with sayings on the outsides], a meal at an amazing restaurant and some good time with friends.)

Facebook has somehow got me playing Scrabble, which is strange since I really don't like Scrabble at all...

In a few hours (after my nap), the family will be picking me up and we are all going to the Cape for a mini-vacation since it's a house near the ocean that now has power. Also, my grandparents are going and rumour has it that they have graduation gifts for me. Who can turn down power, Internet, a huge house, beach time, family and gifts?

("Not I," said the fly.)

Night all!

(And happy first day at Hogwarts! It's also my love-interest's birthday. I'm amused by the combination.)
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