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I have just discovered the most ridiculous way to procrastinate on cleaning my room.

(Mind, I've been procrastinating on cleaning my room - the defiance itself, rather than this occurrence of it - for a good long time. Ask my mother. Ever since the first "clean your room or you can't see your friend!" I have found ways to procrastinate on it.)

Previously I ranked reading as the best way to avoid it and making YouTube videos as the most entertaining.

Now Pirate (housemate) has introduced me to a new technique: cock-fighting.

It does not involve male chickens. It involves a kit Pirate bought including two belts and two (large) sets of male anatomy with Velcro. A player snaps into the belt and applies the inflatable c-and-b (uh, cricket bat and balls, clearly). The opponents then attempt to dislodge the other party's penis first through an entertaining dance of hip-thrusts, sways and dodges. Battle to three.

Pirate beat me the first time; I beat him the second.

I wasn't expecting this, exactly, when I decided that I would have a gender-bender weekend. But it's been great for procrastination! :D

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