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Hours ago:
Roberts: [Sticks head into my room.] "Hey Kiwi. alright?"
Kiwi: [Is surprised that she might be giving off not-alright vibes.] "Very much so! And you?"
Roberts: "Quite well. Have you seen Avatar?"
Kiwi: "The blue one?"
Roberts: [Shakes head.] "The Last Airbender."
Kiwi: "I've heard of it--" [I had to run a week of camp based on it, despite not having seen it] "--but haven't yet seen it."
Roberts: "Would you like to? I ask because I've got a friend coming 'round with a hard-drive full of it, so I was wondering if we could use your room or my monitor..."
Kiwi: "Of course! Count me in, now that my room is less a mess!"

The next five minutes were a scramble of getting dressed and frenzied last-minute cleaning, including throwing my shoes on the bed in case I had time for another five-minute hoover (my floor hasn't been hoovered in two months now; it's driving me batty). I didn't get to hoover.

But it does amuse me that at the announcement of soon-to-arrive guests, all those little cleaning tasks that someone has dreaded and procrastinated on and glared at can suddenly be accomplished in five minutes. Even while tackling the great feat of applying a bra.

So much for my early evening of sleep. But 3.30am is still pretty early for me and I had a glass of strong cider while we watched, so I should be out like a light in a moment. I'm aware that this entry could be about two lines ("Roberts invited me to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender in my room. I managed to tackle all the tiny tasks I'd procrastinated over for weeks in a few minutes.") but it isn't. Ah well!

Good night! Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Sail Escapism Seas.
n. A mental diversion to retreat from unpleasant realities through fantasy.
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