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06 June 2011 @ 04:32 pm
Today I have been nosy.

Kiwi: [Listens to a sound that resembles someone trying to mow the lawn...in the kitchen.] "Well. That's quite a sound."
Roberts: "Someone's mowing the garden."
Kiwi: "Good on them." [Moments later, goes to rinse out a bowl for soup.] "It sounds like it's coming from the boiler."
Roberts: "It's not coming from the boiler. Boilers don't have motors to make such a sound [and more things about motors/machines I didn't take in]. It's the neighbours mowing."
Kiwi: "I'd be inclined to agree, except that our neighbours haven't got a garden."
Mark: [Walks over.] "It's definitely the boiler."
Roberts: [Hurries over.] "Sorts me for being a know-all..."

While I don't seek to prove people wrong, or take any great pleasure in such things, I do get a tiny sense of delight when someone who is known for being a know-it-all (to the occasional annoyance of others) suddenly knows less than all.

Kiwi: [Looks around Mark's room.] "Cleaning up and packing all our stuff is going to be a nightmare."
Mark: "Tell me about it."
Kiwi: [Doesn't.]
Mark: [Searches through his drawer, trying to find something.]
Kiwi: "How do you find anything in that drawer?"
Mark: "I don't."
Kiwi: "I can help you organise. What are you looking for?"
Mark: "Receipts. This is my receipts and, uh...ties? drawer."
Kiwi: [Spots far more than ties and receives - some things she can't identify at all.] "Organising would help, not hinder."
Mark: "But I don't have enough room!"
Kiwi: "That's what organisation creates."
Mark: "But the stuff wouldn't have anywhere to go. Where would it all go? Where would my ties go?"
Kiwi: [Doesn't dare suggest his wardrobe, on a hanger.] "In the same drawer, if you wanted it. The receipts could go into one sorted pile and take up much less space; the ties could be folded together and take up only a little portion. You'd have more room to put other things from other drawers inside."
Mark: "But I'd never be able to find anything!"
Kiwi: [Rolls her eyes, for he clearly already can't.] "I think you're missing a key point of organisation."

This is me, existing in a house of primarily malefolk. Ah, Mark. *Shakes head.* Can't change 'em, but I can try to teach 'em... And I'm itchy to get my hands on his room, to give it some stricter rules and finally get the huge load of stuff out of the boxes on his floor.

But my room needs my attention. At least I get to know that even when my room is messy, it's organised; I know where things are and the logical place to find them. Things have their places; I should be content with that. It really isn't my place to go organising the world, one silly student at a time. (I would never suggest organisation to Roberts: he's messy, but he's a man who knows where his towel is.)

Back to The Real L Word! I should not laugh at lesbian bed death. Karma will bite me in the arse and put me in a relationship with LBD before the 10-month mark...


"Listen, why don't you save yourself years of sexual ambiguity and get fitted for a pair of Doc Martens and a plaid flannel shirt?"
[Stewie; Family Guy]
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gerristgerrist on June 7th, 2011 06:03 pm (UTC)
so what was the noise?