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27 May 2011 @ 06:01 pm
Pip is my mature (age-wise (; ) coursemate; I'm at hers in Swindon. Spud is her daughter - age 9, quite the writer.

Spud: [Writing.] "How do you spell 'extinct?'
Kiwi: [Spells it. ...incorrectly.]
Pip: "That, uh, doesn't sound right..."
K: "Aaaaah! Switched a c and a t! What am I doing with my life?!" [Respells it.] "The number of exams I had to write that on, and now I can't spell it..."
S: [Looks up, confused.]
K: "Spud, have you heard of exam monsters?"
S: [Shakes head.]
K: "Well you can't see exam monsters - but they come with exams. The monsters jump out of the exams and start eating parts of your brain! So then later you try to do something you've always done, like, say, tying your shoes...and suddenly you can't do it anymore!"
S: [Gasps.] "What did you exam monsters eat?!"
K: "That's the problem, you see, you can't tell until you stumble upon it. You end up doing something silly like putting your pants on your head and think, 'Now something isn't right here...'
Pip: "Pants don't go on your head...? Well, shit."
K: "That's the one thing I learned in Spain."
P: "That was a bra, Kiwi. A green bra."
K: "Yes, Spud, sometimes when I'm really, really stressed I put things on my head. I suppose it could have been a bra."
P: "It was. I was there."
K: "I can see myself with a green bra on my head. Oh, Spain..."

Spud: "I think something has driven the old ladies crazy."
Pip: "Did you just call me old?!"
Kiwi: [Giggles.] "I'm ancient as an oak *."
P: "And did you just call Kiwi a lady?"
Kiwi: [Dies laughing.]

* = Spud and I were previously discussing what kind of trees we would be. We both settled on oaks. I wanted to throw acorns at people; she wanted to have leaves with her faces. (She mentioned bugs that attempted to eat her, and I told her if her leaves have faces, she could probably eat the bugs first!)

Sail Escapism Seas.
n. A mental diversion to retreat from unpleasant realities through fantasy.
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