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Learning about human well-being and freedom in choice and action being often based on education makes me feel guilty for the education that I'm getting and complaining about. But not guilty enough to stop whinging. Which makes me feel worse.

I hate that there's a threshold for how much revision I can take in my subject because it's depressing in that world-ending, what-we're-doing-isn't-quite-working, we-keep-bickering-and-can't-get-things-done, everything's-going-wrong sort of way. And today that threshold wasn't very high which means that tomorrow it has to be super high. Which frustrates me. Whiiinge.

A ridiculous number of my friends are together right now in or watching the midnight showing of Rocky Horror in Foxboro(ugh). Even a friend who wouldn't normally be involved. And she's losing her Rocky virginity tonight but I'm not there to see her lose her cherry or to see her meeting my other friends (we've been hoping to plan something for ages) and it's sad. Panda & Amy are playing Janet & Touch'a Touch'a is going to be filled with even more lesbian shenanigans than usual. alsdjkflas.

If I live to 80, university will make up 4% of my life, time-wise. It makes up 14% of my up-to-date life. That isn't a lot. But stress doesn't see perspective. *Sigh.*

I wish could teleport-hop around the world (with carbon neutrality!) and snuggle with everyone. I am so in need of snuggles. Anyone else in need of snuggles please report it here and we can virtual!snuggle together.


Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"
[Robin Williams]
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