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17 April 2011 @ 02:24 am
Spent a bit of time today drawing Lark for the femslash_land picture challenge (#16). I didn't get to spend as much time on her as Rosethorn so the things I've noticed I haven't really fixed, but I'm pleased enough, so that's that. (:

General Warning (as before): I am not an artist. I just faff about with various utensils and hope that whatever comes out doesn't make my eyes bleed. Please be gentle with me!

Fandom: Tamora Pierce's Emelan universe. Lark/Rosethorn.

Thus far we have had...

The sort of not-a-frown look that only Lark and few certain others might receive. No flash. Skinny shoulders. But it exists!

Less yellow.

Everyone flash Rosethorn now.
I flashed her.

Who gave Rosie a glowing halo?

And now we have...

No flash.
The text is from a story I'll mention later; the picture of Lark is based off kitty_ryan's SMACKDOWN banner because I love how well it portrays Lark's "soft black cloud of hair" (quoted again from Kitty haha). I wanted to catch Lark in the act of laughing...and sort of succeeded a little, although not as much as I'd wish. I actually changed Rosie's shoulders before and realise now I like it less, so I changed them back as much as I could. :P But I don't feel like going through the picture-taking process again.

Picture with flash.

Text and Lark with no flash.

Flash and shadoooow.
Text and Lark with flash...and accompanying shadow. :B

Lark, time for your close-up.
Lark close-up with the flash-halo I also gave Rosie.

And that's that!

The writing is an excerpt from Chapter Two of kitty_ryan's Hearts and Houses. It isn't really the most appropriate one for me to use since in the fic the characters are much younger, before their Dedication (and thus Rosie = Niva, Lark = Paraskeve/Paras) but the image stuck with me. I suppose take this one as more of a nostalgia piece, with them remembering...

The text, typed:
...But [Paras'] eyes were wide as she bent forward over Niva's bowl, breathing deep. "Cinnamon, rose--"

"No, rosehip. Deeper than petals. Rosehip, hyssop, orange peel. Honeybush tea. And," she swallowed. "Poppy. Just a little. So don't take it in the morning unless you're truly breathless." Niva felt a little breathless herself, watching as Para's back stiffened, just briefly, before she turned, and smiled.

"Where's it from, Niva? I can't tell."

"It's from here." She sniffed. "Just here. For you. I was experimenting. No need to cry over it."

Paras beamed. "Never that."

Niva and another character used to make a game and competition of creating various formulas for teas and the like, then having the other member guess the contents. Paras knew Niva's teas without labels and also much of their geographic origin (since Paras travelled with a tumbling/acrobat/performing troupe), which Niva and Isas (the other character) had not usually included. Niva brought Paras in on the game here and Paras drew in her aspect of it - location - as well, leading to Niva's adorable declaration that the tea is made just for Paras and her asthma. All done in a very Rosethorn/Lark way, of course. (;

Alrighty. Now I suppose I'll post this link to the challenge and see if I can fall asleep! Tomorrow it's back on some serious exam revision.


Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"
[Robin Williams]
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therealsnape: SS OMGWTFtherealsnape on April 17th, 2011 04:08 pm (UTC)
My goodness, woman, is there anything you can't do? You can write, sing and draw? I'm seriously in awe.
Kiwi Crocus: Ani D || Collage cleavage.cranky__crocus on April 17th, 2011 04:43 pm (UTC)
*Grins and giggles.* Thanks, Oso. ♥

I can't cook, clean (or dress) in a sensible fashion, iron, sew, eat without embarrassing myself or do much of anything that's of any real use.

I personally think I could do with some more useful skills...