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First of all, you all are the best and most supportive people (and cheerleaders) ever. You all made me 'yay!' over and over and over again. Thank you!

Printing the coloured pages in my dissertation was quite a quest. I hobbled around campus with the two copies of my dissertation in my hands and my cane under my arm, looking quite the loon. Had just enough money in the library.

Wanted something to protect my babies. Roberts offered his bag, but I have seen the disastrous things that can happen to papers unprotected in a rucksack, especially that of an engineering student... I thought I would further my quest for a plastic bag to slip them into before confining them to his bag. I saw an old printer paper box in the library that wasn't being used for recycling (thus empty) and snagged it; put the lid on it for protection and everything.

"You could just put it in the lid," Roberts commented, noticing the tall stature of the box. "And it could rain," I responded, "so I won't take any chances."

Guess what? It rained. I thanked the universe for Uni Reading's inability to clean up after itself and for boxes with tops.

There was a dog by the lake. Cute dog, I noticed, before I realised 'aaaah dirty dirty wet dog!' I just imagined a happy lil' pup trotting on up to me, all sniffs and 'smiles', and then that slow-motion shaking... I high-tailed it through the gate with Roberts.

Then we almost got run over by a car around the tricky corner. We hurried to buy alcohol (I wanted to treat him to something for saving me money on printing and generally being so helpful/supportive) and I cradled the box with me the whole time. ("You're really not going to let go of that box, are you?" Roberts remarked, grinning. "My preciousssssss" was the only plausible response.) I also purchased 'cool chock mint' vodka mix because it is a pale green; I later told John N. (in a state of tipsy-with-decreased-stress) that it reminded me of leprechauns after a run-in with a blender. (My brain is a terrible place.)

I was very careful not to get run over by any cyclists (though Roberts nearly was as soon as I mentioned it). Roberts told me I'd end up scooped up by a pterodactyl at that rate. I decided that, ecologically speaking, the novelty of that might be worth the dissertation...but it was a close call. I made it home and it was beautiful.

My 58 x 2 pages of work that represent more than 100 pages of background work. Mine! Miiiine. Until tomorrow, when I will bring it on campus, have it bound, hand it in and be free of the dratted thing! ...for a while, at least.

Today I faffed about: finished watching the Battlestar Galactica 'pilot' and first episode again; finished reading through the GoldenLake Rosethorn/Lark stories (possible rec post in the future) and relaxed. Drank the vodka mix + mint Baileys + milk and it was deliciouuuuus. And Laura Roslin is incredibly attractive; mmmm strong older women nummy. (I wish I could blame any of this on drinking, but I really can't - this is pure up tired Kiwish glee-joy.)

Tomorrow is an early day but that is okaaaaay because hopefully I will be back by noon and able to nap without guilt, just lounging around my sofa-bed admiring the less-stressed state of my mind. It doesn't even matter that I will wake up going 'there is no way this is the state of my room!' and that I will be thrown back into the depths of my to do list.

I am so close to the other side of freedom!

And now it is night-night time for a very tired, incredibly childlike Kiwi. I am patting myself on the head and purring. Hmm. Oh, and snuggling my teddy bear.

Now I am putting a lid on myself and going to bed! Night night, all! Sweet dreams! Here is my exclamation pointitis for you! ♥


"The bluebird sings a lullaby; the firefly gives a light; the twinkling stars are candles bright; sleep, Faeries all, Good Night."
[Elizabeth T. Dillingham; "A Faery Song"]
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