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I'm sure you all have heard quite enough from me. Or perhaps you're more like me, refreshing your flist often wishing for people to 'just update please, I'm trying to procrastinate here!'

I'm going to introduce my new writing journal (which is a community this time around, but I will just be posting my writing there) and then run away. The profile is just a draft to hold space; hopefully someday I'll jazz it up.


(I think it's like Bloody Mary, when saying it three times means a deadly Kiwish quill is going to come attack you with terrible writing. I have to watch out now, make sure my own ballpoint doesn't seek my pupil...)

Kiwi = me
Calamus = the hollow spine of a feather used for a quill.

So Feather has her quill and I, as a Kiwibird, have my calamus. *Shrugs.* It was good enough for me and I was sick of not having somewhere on LJ to put my writing.

So far it's just Emelan (Tamora Pierce 'Circle of Magic' series) writing and I have more Emelan stories to put up, I think. Then it will probably be on to Grey's Anatomy and then Harry Potter - so I won't blame you if you don't want to join yet (or even ever - no blame!). I just knew that there were some people on my flist who are in the Emeland fandom and especially with Lark/Rosethorn in the Smackdown competition (which I still don't fully understand but that's alright), I thought I'd point toward some of my old writing. Just to be in the right (write) spirit.

Warning: The material uploaded so far, for the most part, is old. Like...old. Kiwi-babydyke-in-high-school old. Freshman-year-high-school old. Even editing can only do so much. But it's readable, and some of it isn't even terrible.

And there we go. I may put up more messages as I switch through my three main fandoms. The theory is that some day I will actually get all my writing up there (hah! as if!) and have an up-to-date masterlist with a running word total (wouldn't that be nice). Hopefully someday there will be a 'yay I finished!' update. We'll see. For now I'm going back to running away.

(peroxidepirate, do I get life!points for this? Because it's nerve-wrecking. And I don't even have my recent writing there yet. :X)


"I am a writer who happens to love women. I am not a lesbian who happens to write."
[Jeanette Winterson]
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