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What American accent do you have?
Created by Xavier on

New York City. You are most definitely from New York City. Not New Jersey, not Connecticut. If you are from Jersey then you can probably get into New York City in 10 minutes or less.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?

Dear Quiz,

I would like to inform you that you are incredibly wrong. I am not from New York City. I have spent less than 12 hours there in my life, probably including the times we drove through on our way to Virginia Beach. I am a native Masshole (OH NO MASSACHUSETTS ACCENTS - but fear not, mine was never Bostonian) with a hybridised US-UK accent, which I think is wicked cool. (No, actually, I lie: I'm generally pretty apathetic about how I speak provided I'm speaking correctly. I just wanted to say 'wicked cool' again, like the good ol' days of 14. (; )

I am entertained by your attempts.

Gigglingly yours,

P.S. I can't even fake a New York accent if I try.


Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.
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