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I am getting Comfortable with my Southern friend...and with Clover. (;


We're off to the Granby for some lovely gay-gal dancing (gay for me, gal for her).

We both have new jackets/coats and it is fantaaaaabulouuuuus.

Clover: "You type so well! You type... magnificently!"

I should probably step away from the computer.

Clover: "I never know how to act at clubs. It's like, 'how long do I have to dance with you before you expect me to have sex with you? Because that would probably be a bad idea.'" ... "He said we could have threesomes."
K: "Oh! Why don't you?"
C: "I don't want him to be there! If I'm going with a lady why do I want him there? ...but I told him I'd consider it. :P"

Clover approves of this quotation.

And NOW it is time to LEAVE. :D Dance dance dance. Tonight I am going to be just a little bit (*holds index finger and thumb close together*), a liiittle bit, irresponsible. Because tomorrow and Monday are dissertation days. Today is for drinks and dance!


Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray.
[Lord Byron]
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