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26 February 2011 @ 03:34 pm
I have collected a Clover. We have taken a four-and-something hour nap.

And now for something completely different.

Last year I tried on Mark's leather jacket on a whim and everyone in the room told me I needed to get one. Then everyone in the house who had one brought theirs out (Roberts had two) and demanded I try them on. It was agreed upon that though I needed a leather jacket, I needed to be choosy about the cut and size (as I am of odd-or-pronounced-at-least shape and stature).

And who found a leather jacket of a unique cut in the correct cut in a charity shop for under £5? *Points to self with thumb.* This guy here!

Also inquired after a duvet (I gave Clover my only one) and the shop worker was SO PLEASED to sell off a double duvet to me for £2, suggesting that I safety pin it folded in half so I can fit it in my duvet cover (they're always quite roomy). So despite not having safety pins, it's all settled! I'll do my get-thee-self-in-the-duvet-cover dance to get the folded-over double snuggly inside.

Today's itinerary: (i) Clover's first full English breakfast with me and Hayley at the cafe; (ii) Hanging out and watching Grey's with me and Hayls, grinning over ridiculous drama; (iii) Regular hanging out - probably getting Clover's clothes in my rainbow trunk to help her sort everything out; (iv) Eventually going to the Granby tonight for some drinking and dancing, as Clover is now legal for the first time in her life. (:

Today is a day of accomplishments and adventure. And every day tends to be better with a nap. Eeeven though I dreamed that the car I was in with my friend turned into a shoe, sex toys were sold on a pool table in a mall and I called out Draco Malfoy on his shite using a mall computer. Odd dream.


Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray.
[Lord Byron]
Current Mood: accomplishedAccomplished.
lash_laruelash_larue on February 26th, 2011 06:04 pm (UTC)
Nothing like a killer deal to perk up a day!

Not touching that dream though.

Have fun!
CaroRulescarorules on February 26th, 2011 07:05 pm (UTC)
Duvet are so nice, I couldn't sleep without one.