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You all are the most amazing people in the world. And no I'm not biased at all. I must be doing something at least a little right to have managed to fall in with all of you! ♥

I'm exhausted now after two films with the housemates, but I will express my gratitude more coherently tomorrow, I hope. Tomorrow is 'get myself on my own two feet' day - it seems fitting for the day after I turn 21.

Also, lash_larue, you are a saviour. You have my endless gratitude. I've had three compliments and some non-vanilla innuendo already. (I think they've all missed having a friend with a cane in the room; they starve for such opportunities.) It's so pretty and it folds and I would sleep with it if it weren't cold and metal and able to bonk me on the head - but don't think I'm not tempted.

You all are the best best best. I'm gonna zonk out now! *Massive hugs all around her flist!!!*


Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.
[Rachel Carson]
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