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It's 10 to three in the morning and I have a lecture at 10am. Why am I awake, you wonder?

I am awake because I was working on my dissertation, as you do or pretend to do, and then I heard voices downstairs and then there was whiskey and some cider and random drinks that were passed around then, well, then I was tipsy.

So then we thought, genius, let's go to the park and spin light-up staffs! So I threw boots and a hoodie on over my jammies and headed out with Pirate, Roberts, Jacqueline, Matt-the-Pyro and the two pretty not-romantically-but-in-some-other-physical-way-involved ladies Jenny and Mog. We watched the spinning, I put on a top hat and a monocle. Then we realised there were swings and, well, we really couldn't ignore them, could we?

So we swung. I laughed and laughed and laughed, and let my hair down and swung up to the stars. It was wondrous. We played on the playground, I failed at the wet monkey bars and we communicated through the little dug-for-children communication pipes.

We realised there was a better playground across the park. Pirate, Quasi-Involved Girls and I got on a strange four-way swing that the users straddle and then goes about in circles; I leaned back and watched the world spin on by. Then I fell over a little fence, the size fitted for a gnome's garden, and I was giggling the whole way down, through my summersault and back up again. I climbed a tower and sat in a little crows-nest pirate pod and invited all my friends. "Would you like to share my pirate pod?"

We jumped on the little trampoline-in-the-ground device, 'boosting' or 'kipping' each other up toward the stars again. We giggled until we were breathless, then we moved on and all seven of us hopped on the big long log-swing, sitting or standing, and rode it like a confused caterpillar. We walked home laughing and I was dancing and then we joked in the kitchen.

Now I am home and it is five to three and I feel like, in the long run, this was a glorious decision. I haven't laughed so hard in a while. It was nice to have such a beautiful time after being so in the dumps lately; I hope this time I won't immediately forget that I've had recent fun! I will work hard not to.

I suppose I'll head to bed now and hope my alarm will wake me up at 8. I drank lots of water so I should be fine. I'll just be a bit tired. (; Student life, eh?


Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray.
[Lord Byron]

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