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Ganked from kellychambliss and minerva_fan. I haven't done a proper meme in yoinks and it's a slow morning, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Last Alcoholic Drink: Probably Bailey’s with the Providence Crew; I haven’t had a drink since arriving back in the Land of Tea (and thus haven’t had a drink since after I was legal again…).
Last Car Ride: Lora drove us to and from Tesco.
Last Kiss: Some-time-after-New-Year’s 2009. I, uhm, don’t do much kissing. It also wasn’t a very good kiss as it was in a gay-man club and the I-want-to-be-an-L-word-lookalike lesbian was nearly too drunk to stand; I felt more like a pole she was trying to balance and makeout with at the same time. That ended rather quickly.
Last Good Cry: January 14-16, flying back to England. It was just a period of tears between having to leave home, arriving here and having to work on an essay that I know wasn’t my best.
Last Library Book: I technically still have 3 out (one on Goethean science, two on science writing) but the last one I returned was Goethe's World View. (…there is a distinct Goethe-and-science trend here, which hopefully means I’m slowly working through my dissertation.)
Last Book Bought: It’s been a long time since I’ve actually purchased a book, so I’ll just go with the journal my father and I bought before taking me to the airport; it’s a non-fiction book in its earliest stages: pre-written.
Last Book Read: Sappho: One Hundred Lyrics. I read them all out loud, alternately giggling (“Love over all…Sappho, you’re such a Gryffindor!”) and fanning my poor little lesbian heart (why is ‘vermilion’ such a turn-on? and goodness, if ‘cadence’ and ‘brazen’ aren’t some of the most attractive words and concepts).
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: I’m going to guess Black Swan; I can’t recall if my family and I went out for anything after that. We probably just Netflixed and stayed in, though.
Last Movie Rented: Erm…I think, to whatever shame or amusement, the last rented film I saw was re-watching Sex and the 2 with my mother since she hadn’t seen it yet and I had watched it on one of my various plane-rides. I thoroughly enjoyed one of her comments: “This is so gay!” and my response: “it gets worse” right before Liza Minnelli showed up.
Last Swear Word Uttered: I think it was ‘ass,’ which entertains me since it’s probably the cuss word I am least accustomed to using. (I do occasionally use ‘arse,’ which I find to be gentler.)
Last Beverage Drunk: KA black grape soda. It’s, er, a guilty pleasure of mine when I’m stressed/worried/in denial and I happen to see it on offer. It’s basically obscenely-coloured sparkling sugar water…
Last Food Consumed: English breakfast yesterday afternoon with Hayley. I had been considering a baguette, but wanted to feel a bit fuller and missed the occasional English breakfast I used to get on campus with Pip on Fridays. It was worth it; I’m still not hungry yet.
Last Crush: Does ‘Minerva McGonagall’ still count if I’ve crushed on her since I was 13 or younger?
Last Phone Call: An unknown caller during my morning lecture. This annoyed me for a number of reasons: a) if you’re an unknown caller, please leave a message; b) presumably you know who I am, and if you don’t then you probably have my demographics anyway, so I must ask why you are calling a student before noon; I ask this because; c) if I am awake/pleasant enough to take calls before noon, it probably means it’s because I’m in a lecture—and lecturers aren’t particularly fond of that. Thankfully, I had my phone on silence. I think I’m mainly annoyed because Orange (my carrier) keeps sending me texts from 7-8am about New Deals or What Insignificant Little ‘Gift’ We’ve Just Given You That You’ll Never Use or Hey This Is How Much Credit You Have! Sometimes even on weekends. No, I don’t want your deals (I’m a student—no ‘deal’ is deal enough!), I’m not going to use your 3.5 seconds on the sodding Internet because my phone doesn’t even do that and NO, I do not care how much ruddy credit I have before 12 noon on a week or week-end day! Sod off! (Why yes, I have just used a meme question to rant about something that has been bothering me for weeks; and yes, it was refreshing.)
Last TV Show Watched: As in, actually on the television? I suppose that would be a show about some woman with incredibly orange hair (as in, it matched the orange sofa) going under-cover and working with the owner of a high-sale furniture company to get them to truly work ‘for the customer.’ As for something I have actually chosen to watch, I have been trying to watch Skins (American version) on my laptop because the pretty teen lesbian’s episode was this week. (My priorities are in line.)
Last Time Showered: Tuesday morning; my hair doesn’t do well with too-frequent showering, although I often go with a no-hair-wash shower between. I’ve been lazy this week. I take the most showers when I’m actively procrastinating on something I should be doing at that very moment…
Last Shoes Worn: My beloved 14-eye floral Docs.
Last Song Played: I think it was a ‘mystery song’ on tumblr, so probably something ridiculous like Shakira. But the last song I chose to play was ‘The Story’ by Brandi Carlile.
Last Item Bought: The English breakfast. But since I’ve already covered that, I’ll go with the purchase before that: tickets to DiaCon Alley! Yaaaay!
Last Download: I think an old book I couldn’t find. *Is evil.*
Last Annoyance: *Points above.* Phone, early sleep-schedule with more morning lectures, dissertation, my procrastination over my dissertation.
Last Disappointment: How long I have been putting off a ‘real shop.’ I shouldn’t be surviving on toast for breakfast and pasta/leftover pasta for dinner… I’ll have to head to the Cooperative soon to grab some fresh food and frozen food.
Last Soda Drank: *Points up.* Guilty pleasure. Previously I had been on a water kick, which is incredibly impressive for me since I ordinarily detest drinking water unless I am out dancing.
Last Thing Written: This meme, and excluding this, my ridiculous set of Dissertation Haiku.
Last Key Used: House key; I’m still trying to get used to using a house key again.
Last Words Spoken: “Hello world.” I had to say that out loud, since my real ‘last words’ were probably last night when I was just mumbling to myself, as I do; I never remember what I mumble to myself. (Perhaps I would be a more effective person if I did…)
Last Sleep: 2am – 10.30am, since I gave up on trying to watch Skins. I think I’m going to watch the rest of it now since at this point I am at the ‘should be waking up for lecture’ point, yet I am already awake.
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Ben & Jerry’s something-or-other.
Last Chair Sat In: My strange can’t-really-bend-back computer chair. I am presently on my bed, prostrate to my laptop.
Last Webpage Visited: Gmail. I am always peeking at Gmail.

I'm never productive when I wake up at earlier-than-I-must-be-awake o'clock, but it does feel nice this time around.


You'll be with me like a hand print on my heart.
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