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Accomplishments today:

  • Dressing nicely and going to my 9 o'clock lecture. Paying attention despite that even as I offered my attention I understood nothing, and thus felt I wasn't actively paying attention at all. Then I lapsed into unicorns and Harry Potter and rainbows and ukuleles, but for the most part I was on track with Mammalian Reproduction(: the study of line graphs and diagrams).
  • Breakfast with Hayley and good nourishing conversations. Little work during our 'work time' since we were both pretty fried.
  • Stayed in proper clothing for 16 hours straight, rather than 4-6 and changing into jammies promptly upon arriving home. (On the downside, it meant not removing my shoes and tracking dried mud around - hoovering to come some time in the near future, then.)
  • Too much tumblr for my own good.
  • A series of haiku about my dissertation (it is not my strong-suit poetry technique just as poetry is not my strong-suit writing technique; English non-shortened-syllable style here):
    • Goethe on the rise;
      Science ponders why, just why?

      What is good science?
      Goethe decidedly not--
      Yet is quoted still.

      Science follows leads
      (You do and so I do too);
      Is Goethe a trend?

      Science cannot write.
      Citation analysis:
      Goethe writes better.

      Metaphors and style;
      Rhetoric not reduction--
      We understand him!

      Not just one or two,
      All factors of resurgence:
      Goethe is useful!

[Can that just be my dissertation done please? :Þ Claire-the-Dissertation-Partner dared me to give it into Nick-the-Supervisor as if that was all I'd produced thus far and just have an essay behind my back to hand over after; she wants to see his face in response to thinking I only have haiku done. I would go into cardiac arrest.]

That's about it. Still a few hours 'til sleep (2pm lecture tomorrow) so I'll try to read through some of my next dissertation book as I faff about online and watch Skins. This whole trying-not-to-overstress-into-panic-zone game is actually harder than the Work game, quite possibly.

Primarily I'm still impressed that I'm still in day clothing. I never last this long. I'm such a 'comfy clothes time' person!


You'll be with me like a hand print on my heart.
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