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22 December 2010 @ 08:04 am
Made it through Long Night and managed to be merry for some of it. My brother and I finished watching the final episodes of Legend of the Seeker together and laughed over how cracksy/corny it was.

I kept my two candles going through the night and lit incense. Nothing incredibly special or notable, but enough to put me back at ease.

Now it's time to head to sleep before I end up on the wrong side of dawn. Perhaps tomorrow I'll journey to the Co-op with my brother to buy some squash and whatever else to continue our shut-in status.

Serene Solstice, Kiwi. And Merry Winter to all! (At least, to all of us in the grasp of winter. :D)

♥ Kiwi

You'll be with me like a hand print on my heart.
Current Mood: drainedDrained.